Optimism in Colombia: ratify reopening of flights in September

Optimism in Colombia: ratify reopening of flights in September

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The National Government of Colombia maintained the date of September 1, to restart the operation air international, but the conditioned to the other countries to open airports. For its part, Avianca changed some of the reservations that had been sold to the passengers while they define new dates.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the airports are complying with the majority of protocols. In dialogue with News RCN, the minister of Transport, Angela Maria Orozco, detailed the conditions for the reactivation of the transportation in Colombia. “There are No new routes are activated, they are processed several applications,” he said

These days “is presented, for example, an application for pilots between Rionegro and San Andrés; Rionegro – Bucaramanga; Rionegro – Cucuta; Cucuta – Arauca”, revealed, and added that “the decree 1076 that extends the isolation of the 1 August to 1 September causes an opening of the public service of air and land transport inter-municipal for the municipalities of low or non-affectation of covid”.

“There is no path international pilot approved, we have not spoken of pilots international. What is important is that the Civil Aviation authority has been doing a process of conversation ongoing with airlines and already start to get conversations with other countries,” he said, according to rcn (Agencies expect reactivation of flights for the month of August).

Angela María Orozco emphasized “the fact that us to open up the country to international travelers does not mean that it is an immediate opening of all routes and frequencies. This also depends on what happens in other countries and this opening of air transport has been very gradual and very slow, and involves a conversation country to country”.