Opens Miguel Torruco Marqués, the Latin american Congress of Tourism

Opens Miguel Torruco Marqués, the Latin american Congress of Tourism

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The secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, opened in a virtual way the Latin american Congress of Tourism, where leaders in the sector will be discussed for three days the the challenges, challenges and opportunities of the sector in favour of their recovery. Accompanied by the vice-president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco Servytur), Roberto Zapata; the secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo, Marisol Venegas; and the president of the Organizing Committee of the congress, Alex Aizpuru, secretary of tourism federal invited participants to make innovation the flag of the sector and promoting it as a key strategy of the competitiveness, development, and growth of this activity.

He stressed that today more than four months of confinement by the pandemic, by Covid-19, the country is entering a stage of re-opening gradual in their tourist destinations, with strict hygiene measures and the implementation of sanitary protocols approved with those established at the global level, in order to protect the service providers and the tourists.

He spoke of the “Seal of Quality Point Clean v2020. Good Practices for Quality Hygiene and Health in the Tourism Sector”, directed practically to the whole value chain of tourism, which is endorsed both by the ministry of Health, as the Secretariat of Labor and Social welfare and as published in it is the only that guarantee, which is intended to generate greater confidence in travellers to enjoy Mexico.(Mexico presents Clean Point, the only seal that endorses the Government).

As has already said on several occasions, held that the domestic tourists will choose to take short trips in a range of three to five hours by road, so some of the strategies designed are focused to the strengthening of domestic tourism, which last year meant 258 million passengers, of which 102 million stayed in the hotel, representing a consumption of 142 billion dollars, equivalent to 82 per cent of tourist consumption total.

Among the actions initiated for this reactivation spoke of the next Share-a Cheap Digital in the month of September, an event that will serve as a prelude to the edition 45 of the Share-a-Tourist face-to-face will take place in Merida, Yucatan, in march of 2021.

And said that they are working on the second edition of the Tianguis of Magical Towns, which will be held in November this year in the city of San Luis Potosi. He also spoke about the new projects focused on air connectivity, with the construction, enlargement or remodeling of airports in the State of Mexico (“Felipe Angeles”, Santa Lucia); the Huasteca Potosina, in San Luis Potosi, and Chetumal, capital of Quintana Roo; and Copper Canyon in Creel, Chihuahua.

Finally he pointed out that although the tourism home is a key factor in the economic revival of the sector, not to forget international tourism, in the case of Mexico, 55 per cent comes from the united States, twelve percent in Canada, 16 percent in Central America, the Caribbean and South america, and 12.4 percent in Europe and four percent in Asia, among the most important.

For his part, Alex Aizpuru, president of the Organizing Committee, said that this Congress is 100% online, which will take place until next Saturday the 25th, has the objective to analyze the landscape of recovery, the challenges, challenges, and opportunities, with the help of the maximum exponents of the industry.

Under the slogan of “The Rebirth of Tourism”, the congress is an event that integrates and connects the industry, which will be offered 18 lectures in addition to live the experience of a virtual Expo and witness round tables.

To make use of the word the secretary of tourism of the state of Quintana Roo, Marisol Venegas, said that today are already vacationing in the destination near 21,835 tourists, a figure that represents less than 7 percent of the tourists that were there in the first half of march, when saw the initiation of the closure of tourist activities by pandemic Covid-19.

Emphasized that the entity that generates more than 40 per cent of the foreign tourist in the country, this in a gradual process of opening, “yesterday we recorded 64 arrivals, among these 38 national’s, and 70’s outputs, 29 international, including the first in Spain. The european market is important, but in Europe there are restrictions and it would not be until the coming months when there will be changes,” he added.

With respect to hotel occupancy, he said that up to yesterday, in Cancun, was 24.6 percent, and in the Riviera Maya of 21.7 to 23.5 on average. “The light orange that is in the North allows us to the tourist operation. He has made it clear that they are not going to change the criteria of the traffic light, epidemiological in order to have more visitors, because this is a health issue, that is what you should prioritize at this time.