Il était une fois … le Voyage Famille

Once upon a time … the Family Trip


Discover the video interview with Florian Servant, ambassador of the Voyage Famille collection:

Why this collection?

The Voyage Famille Collection was born at the same time as 5 other Terra collections, which joined the Collection Vino Mundo by Terra worn by Pierre Boyer for several years. “These collections give pride of place to exploration and wish to give meaning to travel and our profession”, as we mentioned in DMC Mag on November 16.
Although the development of this collection is recent, Terra agencies have always been closely linked to Family Travel. First, because setting up our agencies all over the world has often turned out to be a family adventure. Secondly, because for more than fifteen years we have brought together all the families of associates at our annual seminar. And finally because we ourselves never stop traveling our destinations with our children.
For Terra, this travel collection is obvious and we now want to develop it in a qualitative and innovative way.

What is the concept?

Through this collection of trips to 14 of our destinations (see list at the bottom of the page), we seek to create emotions, to immerse our travelers in a family adventure they would not have thought of and to change consciousness. With our teams on site, we have identified the best Family itineraries that we have been offering for years. By respecting version 1 specifications, we harmonized the form of our quotes, worked at an appropriate pace with roaming times and longer stages and offered free days with activities of your choice. And of course we have added our grain of madness to the spirit of great fun games by creating treasure hunts, photo rallies, trails to follow and family challenges.
Without forgetting the values ​​we advocate around useful, responsible and low carbon travel. We consider this form of travel to be an interesting means of education, meeting and opening up to the world. As DMC we have a role to play by offering trips that raise the consciousness of children from an early age and also that of parents. This is a major issue for our future.

What if we went even further?

With our B2B partners, our ambition is to offer much more than a pretty family travel catalog. This is why, after launching an internal reflection in order to theorize the theme, we have been working for weeks on three other points in order to improve our proposals:

  • A production: original, adapted and innovative around the notions of “available, useful and sustainable”;
  • A commercial approach to rethink the process (before, during, after) and the tools as a whole in order to integrate the child;
  • Targeted communication to present our know-how.

Without being exhaustive and in order to keep you from surprises, here are some ways to go even further:

Production and accommodation:

  • Offer accommodation anchored in local life where travelers will find a school, a sports ground with other children, a sports club etc … in order to promote exchanges
  • Develop a network of family counselors on site (for selected or surprise interventions)
  • Develop typical days for locals or expatriates to live the local experience.
  • Offer romantic evenings with baby sitting

Shape of circuit sheets

  • Create “day by day” stories that speak to children: different vocabulary, interactive links, including audio files to tell them to children

Sales and pre-trip speech

  • Incorporate children into appeals during sales and design
  • Send prospects a family media library or reports
  • a travel diary for the children, sent by post or delivered on site during a surprise moment or a micro adventure in the family garden
  • Create a special family welcome guide integrating a society / environment concept: a pdf “the planet”, “why travel is polluting? and why it must be useful ”,“ global warming explained to children ”,“ how I can reduce my eco-footprint for children
  • Exchange with a local correspondent to meet on site

During and after travel

  • Communication with children by following their travel diary
  • Apps for teens
  • Photo book, drawing competition for children, etc.


  • Create a podcast and video supports around the best memories of family trips, unusual experiences etc …
  • Family webinar with our partner TogeZer
  • Partnership development with family travel blog and specialist magazine / magazine such as Kidi Globe Trotter with whom we have an interesting contract

Zoom on…

Kidi Globe Trotter which was created to rediscover this spirit of construction and personal development of the child, and to be able to explore the world…. from home!
Terra Group is a partner of this new, very qualitative and original magazine intended for children from 6 to 11 years old. We are therefore delighted to offer all our travelers a 10% discount code on all offers. In addition, the founder Audrey Rouaux is full of imagination and dynamism, while emphasizing human relations. Everything we love about Terra. Long live this great initiative!
We are therefore at your disposal, dear partners, to discuss the subject and of course offer your customers magnificent family travel experiences, both in design and in the field.
The Terra agencies that are members of the Voyage Famille collection are to date:
Southern Africa / Australia / Bolivia / Brazil / Chile / Colombia / Costa Rica / Croatia / Ecuador / Mexico / Montenegro / Nicaragua / Portugal / Slovenia


Florian Servant / Ambassador of the Family Collection by Terra
Founder of Terra Balka
[email protected] / +33 7 63 21 94 63
Do not hesitate to contact Pierre Boyer to discover the new Terra 2021 production
Pierre Boyer / Terra Sales Director
[email protected] / +33 6 48 35 16 72
The full article on the Famille by Terra collection will be available on January 23 at the Yakafokon, The Webzine of togeZer.