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Oba, you can’t climb the Eiffel Tower | #TravelingInNews

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Eiffel Tower seen from Pont-Neuf

The Eiffel Tower reopened on June 25, for visits by stairs up to the second floor. On the 1st of July, the second floor was also accessible by elevator.

The observatory at the top of the Tower may not be open until the 15th of July. And if it is, it will be for a few: the elevator, which has a capacity for 45 passengers, will carry only 8 visitors at a time.

It is a good time for us to launch our most controversial joke and run away.

Climbing the Eiffel Tower is interesting to see the structure of the Tower up close and inside. But in terms of views … that of the Tower is the least interesting of all the great viewpoints in Paris.

There are several reasons for this, but the main one is: the Eiffel Tower is the only viewpoint in Paris that does not have a view of the Eiffel Tower smile

But if you don’t agree with us, that’s fine. When Brazilians are admitted to Europe again, the Eiffel Tower elevator will probably be in full operation again …

Posted on 5/7/2020

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