Of course we will be on Norway vacation this year!

Norway vacation this year!


Yes, it is clear that we will be vacationing in Norway this year. I mean, what is the alternative?

Lately, I have been somewhat puzzled by the fierce urge to vacation in Norway this year – whether in the tourism industry itself, politicians, influencers and the media. Not that I disagree with that. But I mean: the borders are closed – both Norway and many of the countries around the world.

That’s for now, right enough. But to me anyway, the alternative does not appear as safe or tempting at first, even though the boundaries should open before the summer holidays start. Furthermore:

Hardly any destination hits Norway in the summer

Yes – if we ignore a “minor retail”: weather is difficult to plan for … Anyway: My plan was to spend the summer in Norway, regardless of the situation we are in now. It was the only holiday plan I had for this summer’s holiday – this year, as last year, as the year before. For the summer is the best time to experience our country! Yes, if not then it may be – or maybe the fall for others?

Summer island seen from Hillesøy mountains

Regardless: Whether you are among those disappointed that you will not be able to travel to the South as planned, or the big US trip, the train ride down Europe or the city break elsewhere must be postponed: I hope you get your planned vacation back next year. Instead, hopefully you can look forward to great Norwegian travel experiences in the meantime!

Norway as a holiday country

Norway has a number of nice places to visit, whether you prefer hiking in the mountains, lazy days on the beach, love to explore the archipelago or maybe take a road trip. Here you will find lovely, historic hotels, rorbues, lighthouses and camping close to the sea and water, cabins and resorts to mountains, by a lake and along the coast.

cottage, glaciers and river

There are plenty of local tourism players around the country who are eager to show us around. We have exciting local food and many lovely local eateries that will certainly serve us with pleasure. We have the most magnificent vantage point and excellent bike paths (such as beautiful Rallarvegen). Our country is simply amazing – especially when the sun is shining. Let’s hope the weather is with us this summer.

Staycation, micro-adventure or Norway vacation?

Since we do not yet know how much freedom of movement we get in the summer (after all, we are in a very special and demanding situation), I should be cautious about encouraging too much extended travel also domestically, for now. Maybe you find some inspiration there? I keep coming with more travel articles from Norway in the time ahead.


Several Norwegian travel tips will certainly come both here and there and elsewhere in the future. “Everyone” writes about the Norwegian holiday for the time being – and there will be no shortage of good travel ideas around the country in the future ahead either!

Enjoy summer with a good conscience

Whether it becomes one staycation in your own municipality, short-travel micro-adventure because you have to work all summer – or you have the opportunity to freely travel across the country, I wish you a really nice spring and summer with the finest travel experiences possible within the limits we have available.

So enjoy spring and summer in your own country and within the limitations and guidelines that may be in the time ahead, with the best conscience in the world. For this, we all contribute to a more sustainable tourism in our own country – and a more climate-friendly summer. Europe and the rest of the world are waiting later!