NH open 200 of its 361 hotels this month of June

NH open 200 of its 361 hotels this month of June

International tourism

NH Hotel Group plans to open 55% of its hotels during June: about 200 of the 361 available throughout the world. Throughout this month, will reopen progressively, 57% of the hotels operating in Europe (100 of 177). In this way, it plans to reach 60 establishments operating in Spain, 27 in Italy, nine in Portugal and four in France to the end of June.

The first to reopen has been the NH Nacional, located opposite the Botanical Gardens and the Atocha train Station of Madrid, and whose facilities will serve as a model for follow-up to the new protocols implemented by the chain to maximize the health and safety at all of its hotels.

In the words of the ceo of NH Hotel Group, Ramón Aragonés, “to preserve the safety of our passengers and our employees is our top priority throughout the process of reopening, and to do this we have developed a full plan of action.”

Currently, only 12 of its hotels are operating in the south of Europe, the most dedicated to deliver service to groups essential during the period of confinement. In the north of the continent, the chain has more than 40 properties open, fruit of the desescalada more rapid in these countries. In Latin america, the last region to be affected by the effect of Covid-19, the operation of the majority of the hotels continues suspended and is expected to be the last to recover its activity.