Next stop, home office for travel? | #ThinkingTravel

Next stop, home office for travel? | #ThinkingTravel

International tourism

Ricardo Freire doing home office in Praia do Espelho, 2000

The pandemic has broken the taboo of distance work in many companies. From now on, working from home will be much more frequent.

At the same time, classic business trips tend to be reduced – after all, we are all chosen to hold meetings by Zoom, Meet, Team and co. It may be the end of the ‘bleisure’, as business trips combined with a leisure trip at the destination are called.

On the other hand, there is another type of ‘business’ travel that is now viable. Who can work from home can work from anywhere, agree? Result: you won’t need to be one of those ‘digital nomads’ to, when the opportunity is good, take a trip outside your vacation.

And when will the opportunity be good? It will depend on the type of trip, of course.

Couples on holidays that don’t match

If you do not travel together because you can hardly schedule a vacation at the same time, you can travel to a place where those who are not on vacation can do home office a few hours a day.

Stretch holidays (and save on tickets)

Want to enjoy a holiday, but tickets to go the day before and return on the last day are prohibitive? Go before, come back later, pay cheaper, make a home office at the hotel on weekdays.

Weddings, concerts, events

Many crazy weekend trips to a wedding, a show or an event can be less rushed if you amend before and / or after with a little home office at the destination.

Trips to big cities

There was an unbelievable promotion for some place you love (or that is high on your wish list), but is it a long way from the holidays? If this place is a big city, you can schedule a week off. You enjoy the weekends, the night and the cultural life. Buenos Aires today?

Beach without muvuca

“My office on the beach” is one of Instagram’s catchwords. It can be yours for a few days – just stay in the sand, with good wifi. (An advice: don’t post on instagram!)

My home office for travel (2000)

In 2000, I had the opportunity to do a home office while traveling. Working for an advertising agency (Lew, Lara), I spent 10 days a month in São Paulo, at the office, and 20 days traveling. On the road days, I divided the time between the agency’s work (worked from 6 am to 9 am and 6 am to 9 pm) and my other interest – which was not a vacation, but the beach guide I was starting to ascertain.

Compared to the current situation, the conditions were quite adverse. There was no wifi, the internet connection was dialed (with DDD), transmitting images was impossible. But it worked.

Today I don’t need this anymore – after all, my job is to travel. But you don’t have to become an instagramer or freelance service provider to be able, from time to time, to make a home office where you would like to vacation.

Did I find the first positive legacy of the pandemic?

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