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News from social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)


What are social networks?

If many people connect regularly on LinkedIn or Facebook, you should know that there are other equally interesting social media


Twitter is a social media that allows you to share interesting content with the rest of the members of the constituted community. It covers different topics. The particularity of this media is that it is very popular with politicians, cinema, sports, businesses and personalities around the world. It is actually a medium used by them to improve their brand image with their target and the public in general. personalities use Twitter to share their views on topics that are in the news. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our twitter account

Metaverse (Facebook)

Better known as Facebook, Metaverse (find our article Futuroscopy: M… like Metaverse, back to the future) is the social network with the largest number of subscribers worldwide. It is a space for exchange and sharing for all kinds of content (texts, images, videos, documents). It brings together different categories of people: • politicians • associations of all kinds • companies • international organizations • professionals • stars, etc. In addition to being a network that allows individuals to restore links or keep them, Metaverse gives companies the opportunity to grow their business. It puts tools at their disposal to give them visibility and increase their turnover.


LinkedIn is a media exclusively created to network professionals and companies. It is a virtual space for professionals to showcase their skills through reflections on issues relating to their field of activity. Companies also use this network to scrutinize the account of community members in order to find the best profile. They also publish job offers on this platform to collect serious applications. Everything that is published as content on this network is purely professional in nature. Feel free to subscribe to our LinkedIn page and my LinkedIn profile.


This social platform works like a TV channel. It allows its users to post videos to promote their products or skills. To gain popularity, you have to create quality videos and deliver relevant information.


This is a network that only allows visuals (images and videos) to be shared. To interest subscribers and obtain their commitment, you have to work on the quality of images and videos and then the frequency of publication.

When to post on social networks?

To have effective results, it is important to pay attention to the hours of publication on the various social networks. The behavior of Internet users differs depending on the social platform. It is advisable to post more on weekdays than on weekends. If you are looking for interaction and engagement, break times are recommended.

How to communicate on social networks?

To communicate on social networks, here is the strategy to adopt: • define an objective • choose the target to be reached • offer text content respecting the algorithms of each media • vary the content (texts, images, videos) • define a frequency of publication and respect it • analyze the statistics and propose the type of content that receives more interactions. These different elements make it possible to build a community and turn them into customers.

What are the risks of social media?

It is true that social networks play a big role not only for individuals, but also for companies. However, the risks involved should not be overlooked. Account hacking is common. Many people have seen their accounts hacked overnight without being able to recover them, which poses a serious problem of account security and the confidentiality of personal data. Social networks also lead to a lack of concentration and low performance. Indeed, it is difficult for users to log out of their account when they read the various publications. It becomes a kind of addiction for those who do not have self-control and who are not objectified in their work.

Which professional social network to use?

A professional is concerned about the development of his activities. To achieve this wish, LinkedIn is the social platform that is recommended. It offers quality content that does not rely on distraction. In addition, it allows professionals to exchange their skills, find partnerships and employment.

The latest LinkedIn news

Lately on LinkedIn, a lot of information is shared.
We can raise:

• news on the IT world with digital professions • news on Microsoft and the deployment of its video tool • the evolution of the digital transformation of companies • analysis of the economic world and professional life. There are other equally interesting themes available on this platform.

When to post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform that counts professionals and companies as users. The best time to post and get members’ attention is on weekdays. Prefer break times between Monday and Friday and then at the end of the day. Weekend posts are not recommended on this medium.

The latest Twitter news

On Twitter you will find : • the contribution of Victor Castanet on the management of Ephad in France through his book • the results of the African Cup of Nations • the soap opera Nadal on his Covid test which continues • the reaction of rapper Kanye West concerning the party daughter’s birthday party. Do not forget to use the hashtags to discover other interventions related to the chosen topic.

When to post on Twitter?

On this social media, the number of tweets per second is phenomenal. To get engagement, it’s best to post during break times on weekdays. Your publications will be read by a large number of people. On weekends, it is necessary to avoid making publications, because the users of this network connect less.