Des nouvelles de l’Indonésie : Bali, sera t

News from Indonesia: Bali, will it be the right student in Asia?


Clear objectives had been set: See the number of cases drop to 30 or 40 per day and achieve a vaccination rate of 75% before considering a gradual reopening of the country’s borders.
A parenthesis of economic activity representing an effort for the populations but which seems to bear fruit since the number of cases throughout the Indonesian archipelago has dropped drastically: 56,000 new cases recorded at the peak of contamination on the 16th July against only 9,900 on September 9, 2021.
As for the vaccination rate, it now exceeds 72% (first dose) and 48% (two doses) in the province of Bali. Note that the new cases among the Balinese population are proportionally lower than in the rest of Indonesian territory.

This is pleasing news which presages a favorable development for the resumption of tourism on the Island of the Gods. Like Thailand’s “Phuket Sandbox”, Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is considering reopening Bali’s borders independent of the rest of the country. He said on 09/07/2021 “We are learning from the strategy adopted by the Thai government, which could be applied in Bali in the future”.
A case to follow very closely! Mister Paradise and the Bali Seken team will be sure to keep you informed of the development of the situation and remain at your disposal for any request.


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