Nature experiences with RIB in Lofoten

Nature experiences with RIB in Lofoten


Sea eagle safari, Trollveggen, bird mountain on open sea and maelstrom. Closed fishing villages, idyllic beaches and several inaccessible Lofoten pearls. If you want to experience the scenery along the coast of Lofoten is a trip or tree to recommend.

If you want to experience Lofoten, I would recommend you at least one tour with RIB. The boat will take you safely and steadily to places you may not otherwise experience. Because there are no roads everywhere on Lofoten – and the island community has so many coves and beaches, bays and cliffs. They must simply be experienced! All the boats we drove felt stable, the drivers experienced and skilled at plowing the waves properly. We had nice weather, little wind, and my experience is therefore based on driving in small waves than it can sometimes be here in the area.

Here is therefore a review of three RIB tours in Lofoten that I have tried myself as a tourist – so you can see if you can choose one of these.

Rib safari to Trollfjord with sea eagle safari

Lofoten Explorer offers tours from Svolvær. One of these is a two hour sea eagle safari with a tour of the Troll wall, as well as several interesting stops in the area around Svolvær. Our driver drove comfortably, stopped along the way, explained and told, and let us take pictures as needed.

The route took us from Svolvær, into the Trollfjord, past Digermulen, Ulvågen, Brettesnes, Skjoldvær, Grundstad and Skrovd before returning to Svolvær.

The driver we had provided a thorough introduction to safety before heading out. We were two boats out at one time, always close to each other, and the duo brought fish to lure sea eagles during the trip. Twice we got to see sea eagles close up. Of course, this is no guarantee. But since Lofoten has the highest population of sea eagles in the world, it is at least far more likely to catch a glimpse of them here – a sight that is truly an experience.

Price is now at kr. 895, – per pers. party: Lofoten Explorer in Svolvær

Malstream safari with bird watching

This is the trip I was most skeptical of the three, I must admit. After all: Jules Verne has referred to the Moskstraumen as the most dangerous sea area! Well – it was like much else in the literature: considerably exaggerated.

Reine Maleflow Safari

At least with this boat; a solid RIB boat runs this trip like a breeze. The current was also not strongest when we pulled over, although of course we knew the forces tearing in the boat. A review of safety was done, first and foremost with regard to the importance of keeping the suit tight in case we fell overboard.

This trip takes us out on the high seas, through strong currents, to the bird mountain out in the sea gap, as well as to migrated and abandoned fishing villages such as Helle and Åndstadvika. The birds that could be seen during the trip were cormorants and seabirds, puffins, ales, peacocks and eagles. I couldn’t see puffins, but pretty much the rest of the species was observed during the trip.

Price is now at NOK 995, – party: Aqua Lofoten in Reine.

Midnight sun safari to Bunesstranda

I had been given tips about going by boat to Vindstad to cross the mountain to Bunesstramda. Local acquaintances I met on the trip to Svalbard could tell that this was a very nice trip based on Reine. They were right!

And when I learned that the midnight sun safari goes there, I was not so sorry to pray!

From there, there is a carriageway to the path that leads over the top to Bunes. The hike up to Einangen point of interest takes approx. 40 minutes each way.

(Tip: If you go by scheduled boat during the day and then have a little better time, Helvetestind is also close by, and this should be a particularly great top trip.)

We took this trip all the way on June’s tide and the sun was still hanging high in the sky on the horizon when the clock was set. Seeing the midnight sun like that, with a glass of wine brought, was a very nice nature experience. But the walk down to the boat again surpassed it: the soft light, the wild flowers, the soft light, the view… A memory I will remember for a long time!

The trip to Vindstad takes a quarter of a time with ribs, and we are not on the high seas. We left from Reine approx. 22.30 and was back three hours later. The hike was on its own and was a great experience.

Price is now at kr. 695 per person round trip party: Aqua Lofoten in Reine