My favorite baby travel cot: The Original Naos Bed

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Today I’m talking to you about my favorite among baby travel cots. I have tested many, I sell several on my store, with each their advantages and disadvantages. But the, I found the best travel cot for little one… It almost makes you want to redo a little last to be able to use it more often 🙂!

This is the bed Naos Original d’Escape Lifestyle, a very young french brand which bets on simple, light, compact products to help parents on the go for a weekend or on a longer trip. You recognize these principles that I talk about all the time, so we were made to meet!

I had met this brand at a baby cool show and had admired their prototype, which had won me over! We had talked, exchanged on the practical and playful side of the bed and a year later, I received the best travel cot for kids! And he was French, invented in France, made in France… But alas, the laws of the market got the better of the French manufacture which made it a bit expensive. Since then, they have worked with Babymoov for a bigger production. They do not despair of being able to produce Naos Original again in France.

Okay, I’ll tell you more about this bed with its new features!

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The Naos travel bed: comfortable and compact

The Escape-Lifestyle nomadic Naos travel cot in figures

Only 4 kg, mattress included. It is not the lightest, but the second in this bed range (3.7 kg mattress included for the Phil and Teds, 5.2 kg for the Baby Bjorn). A standard travel cot is around 10kg! But that does not prevent it from being robust and stable!

Folded dimensions: 70 x 25cm it can fit in a large family suitcase or a big backpack for backpacker mode addicts!

Unfolded, the bed made 130x80x h70 cm (the feet protrude a little with a grip of 135x92 feet included) with a mattress 60 x 120 cm, with rounded angles for better ergonomics and smooth.

An ultra comfortable mattress

Edict of 03/23/2018: The mattress is now from the Babymoov brand. It has a thickness of 3 cm instead of 2 cm before. It is a mixture of classic foam and memory foam. When you touch it, you feel real density, yet soft and mellow.

The mattress cover can be removed very easily to be washed in case of a small problem.

Naos is the easiest travel cot to use

A baby bed that unfolds without a foot to climb

the assembly and disassembly are done in less than a minute! Even the first time see the video below!

We remove the elastic bands, we take out the mattress, we unfold the bed, the feet are to be folded towards the ground, we move aside and the safety clips are put in position, the bed is assembled.

All you have to do is install the mattress, passing the corner clips through the slots so that the baby cannot turn the corners of the mattress, you then attach the outer straps to each metal foot … Ultra simple, ultra fast, all of a sudden you feel the genius of travel beds youhou !…

The proof in video, during my first discovery of the bed !!!

A practical and robust carrying bag

Finally, a daddy who has provided with a large opening to store the bed with the mattress! No need to sit on it to save space, even if you’re not very good at it, you tuck in the bed with no problem.

2 is considered allow you to carry the bed like a dude’s sports bag! The bag is in thick coated cotton, I think, to ensure a good performance over time.

Edict of 03/23/2018: a small strap keeps the 2 large ones together and also allows you to put the bag on your back!

Naos mosquito net included but others additional options for the home

Edit 2021La novelty of the Naos Original bed is the mosquito net which is now includedhimself. It is hidden in a flap and unfolds easily to shelter baby from mosquitoes and other small animals if you make him sleep outside

A cabin roof to extend the life of this bed: The bed opens to the front, and by taking the hut roof option, your child will be able to play with it for many years! It is a multifunction product for reasoned and minimalist consumption

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Naos bed by Babymoov or the Original by Escape Lifestyle

For years the only difference between the 2 beds was the color: turquoise for Babymoov, coral red for Escape Lifestyle. Now the Naos® Original version is cheaper at 129 € with the integrated mosquito net. Is it worth it! And I couldn’t sell Babymoov’s Naos bed directly to you, but I can sell you the Naos Original!

The big plus: a small price of 129 €

This is the point that bothered a lot of people: 248 € base price at the start! It was not actually given. You must therefore invest, as with the stroller, and buy it from your first child.! You will have a bed there that will follow you to grandpa, to your friends, but also in the family suitcase for at least 4 years! The price is also explained by the French made, we know it! Creating French costs more! But when we see the other beds at 239 € base price at the other Baby Bjorn or Phil and Teds brands, we are in the same range of products!

Since then, the bed is no longer made in France, but this allows it to be accessible to the greatest number with a price of 129 €. But I know that Nicolas has only one desire: to succeed in reproducing this product in France, as he will do for their new ultra compact Transat!

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