More funds than ever put the focus on the gangas hotel

More funds than ever put the focus on the gangas hotel

International tourism

A proliferation never-before-seen investment funds and fortunes of all parts of the world have agreed to mobilize all their resources, with the shared hope that the acute crisis in tourism to translate into that can be done with an important number of hotels at a bargain price.

These financial funds and also other investors already played all of the doors to know with the approach that will be multiplied by the hoteliers with terminal problems, and that this will be a go-to-market of establishments with valuations kept to a minimum.

However, despite the fact that the amount of interested in buying hotels is the largest ever seen, even in the years of record after record cheap, none of them seem daring to embark in the more immediate short-term to execute any purchase, because they believe that there is now no stability yet to know if the price is expensive or cheap.

In addition, although there are a few strings in a limit situation, most enjoy or a healthy balance sheet, following years of maximum profits, or enjoys a massive heritage that they can use as collateral to borrow and wait for better times, that no doubt that will come, whether in a year or in five.

Thus, the expectation of bargains hotel can be seen blurred in the case that the amount of the offer of hotels come to the market for sale is smaller than expected, and the amount of plaintiffs ‘ establishments is as high as it is seen today, with the advent of investors of the profile of an opportunist.