Moovecamp promet 200 vans aménagés dès 2024 !

Moovecamp promises 200 converted vans from 2024!


“With the company Moovecamp, we offer the alternative of traveling in France and Europe, in complete freedom and with complete peace of mind!
We have made the choice to invest in 2021 in around twenty brand new high-end Mercedes Marco Polo vans, acclaimed for their comfort and remarkable amenities in order to fulfill all your travel desires “.

And Michel Salaün added: “Moovecamp has already found good cruising speed with high traffic to its website and bookings which are constantly growing.
Building on these encouraging results and the interest of many partners to join the Moovecamp adventure, we have already ordered 40 additional Marco polo shirts for 2022.
Our ambition: to develop throughout France by relying on distributors who already number 6 and to have an offer of 200 vans from 2024! “.

Another way to travel Moovecamp is part of a “Vanlife” trend that is increasingly asserting itself in the world of nomadic travel, a phenomenon which has been amplified by the Covid crisis. Many people today are in fact looking for new experiences that are closer to nature and full of freedom.
With Moovecamp, travelers will be able to experience a new way of traveling off the beaten track, at their own pace and with the feeling of being at home everywhere. A solution that reconciles freedom, mobility, comfort, safety and accessibility.

Tailor-made road trips

It is a mode of travel offering perfect autonomy since the vehicles are equipped with 4 beds, a kitchenette, a refrigerator and a stationary autonomous heating.
More than 20 options (toilets, igloo tent for children, cordless vacuum cleaner, barbecue, electronic toll etc.) are also available for a truly à la carte van life experience.
The price, which starts at 95 € / day, includes full risk coverage, 3 levels of deductibles and, as an option, cancellation and pandemic risk insurance.
Drawing on the expertise and network of Salaün distribution agencies, Moovecamp has also developed road trips in vans with suggested itineraries in France and Europe to go all year round.
Moovecamp also offers tailor-made road trips with, for example, unusual camp sites offered in partnership with France Passion and more than 6,700 leisure and outdoor activities for a unique travel experience in a campervan.
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