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Mexican caribbean: the tourism national finishes off

International tourism

While the hopes of the mexican Caribbean are located in the national tourism as the first market driver of the reactivation of tourism, the mexicans have no intention of travelling for a vacation, at least in the next 12 months.

So concludes the Telephone Survey On Consumer Confidence, conducted by National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), in which eight of every 10 mexicans has pointed out that you do not see a possibility to travel quickly to the economic crisis which cuts across the Covid-19, published by Sipse.

The measurement is performed in order to know how is the degree of satisfaction of the population about their economic situation, their family and the country, has revealed that the component with the largest decrease corresponds to the perception of economic possibilities for going on vacation during the next 12 months, which stood at 14.3 points, a decline of 2.5 points relative to the datum of the month of April.

The tourism sector in both the public initiative as the private sector has invested heavily in the tourism home to reactivate the first industry of the mexican Caribbean hard hit by the crisis of the coronavirus.

Campaigns, offers and incentives to invite the mexicans to travel to the mexican Caribbean are some of the strategies carried out by airlines, hotels, travel agencies and tour operators to revive the economy, the region, as has been published REPORTUR.mx (Price Travel: second round of bidding for the national tourism).