Mexican caribbean: report to shipping that bleeds to tourists

Mexican caribbean: report to shipping that bleeds to tourists

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Tourists and traders have expressed their outrage at the increase without control on the rates of shipping, Winjet and Overseas to cross between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. The prices have gone up between 80 and 100 pesos amounting to 500 pesos back and forth, a figure that has caused the outrage of the users.

In fact, they believe that it is an abuse in the current circumstances, because in addition to the tourism has been on the rise and with these prices, what they provide is that tourists do not want to cross to the island of Cozumel, indicate.

In the case of the company Winjet, the rates went from $180 pesos (us $ 10) in one-way trip to $220 pesos, while the round trip went from $360 pesos (20 dollars) to $440 pesos for adults, while for juveniles the rate is maintained by charging for trip $140 and for round trip, $280, published Quintanaroohoy. In regard to the plan of Quintana Roo, this suffered an increase of 40 pesos going on the trip at $160 pesos and round trip to $320 pesos and for children an increase of 20 pesos with the one-way trip to $100 and travel round to $200.

In both the company Overseas in its Premium plus service, the normal went up $100 pesos, the adult went from $200 to $250 pesos in one-way trip and $400 pesos to $500 pesos round trip, while for children under age went up $80 pesos, went from $160 to $200 in one-way trip and from $320 to $400 pesos round trip. The Plan Quintana Roo has suffered no modification being for adult at $150 one-way trip and $300 round trip and for under $100 trip and $200 round trip.