Menorca was right when 30 years ago it opted for a sustainable model


Menorca opted in 1993 for a commitment to sustainability and the balance between territory and human activity with its declaration as a Biosphere Reserve. Since then he has worked slowly but surely on a sustainable tourism model, which according to the head of the Consell “has been highly contested because it did not give the economic performance of others”, but to which, however, he assures, time and circumstances have proved right.

In 2018, those responsible for Tourism on the island began to work with Mabrian Technologies to support the big data. “We don’t ask anyone anything, we just listen,” explains Mabrian’s Marketing Director, Carlos Cendra. “What interests us is the spontaneity of those who, on the Internet, talk about Menorca and what they say.” The goal is to identify interests and perceptions, corroborate what you already imagined about the perception of the destination and discover “which key to touch” to surprise and attract.

The joint work of the team that collects and analyzes tourism data and the team responsible for the island’s tourism policy is essential. “Target alignment with data is very important, to know what exactly is needed since the data environment is huge, and also to measure the return of campaigns that cost money, “explains Cendra. The work they do is the analysis of an immense volume of data that they then transfer to the Objectives of the Consell team and the Fundació Foment del Turisme de Menorca: definition of campaigns by concepts, monitoring of those campaigns, monitoring of air connectivity and the areas where there is more expectation or more demand to visit the island.

More than sun and beach

The data Mabrian has collected shows that the efforts of the last few years are paying off and that Menorca arouses interest not only for the sun and beach product.

From the United Kingdom the family segment passes in 2020 ahead of the sun and sand, and the interest of the British in the island also rises in natural and active tourism.

For Spain the sun and beach continue to predominate, but the Active turism, and if we specify, for the Community of Madrid active tourism is ahead of the sun and beach, and the segments rise cultural and gastronomic, while for Catalonia the interest generated by Menorca is also predominant in active tourism and up the gastronomic.

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Information to negotiate with airlines and TTOO

This summer of 2020 has been crazy, with changes practically every week that affected the main source markets and therefore, the air connectivity and actual travel options. How did quarantine decisions affect demand? Were the British still searching for Menorca despite the cancellations? How have flight schedules to the island been changing?

Knowing all these data allows better negotiation with tour operators and airlines to try to increase the number of flights, or to put them in other months, or from other cities, explain those responsible for Tourism.

An example: this summer Iberia wanted to fly to the island from Berlin, but “we told them they were wrong, that the greatest interest towards Menorca was not in Berlin but in Munich, there the most powerful demand was located. In the end, they decided to change that flight and that it left from Munich, “explains the island’s director of Tourism, Jesús Gomila, satisfied, who comes from a family of small hoteliers

“The importance of the work we are doing is not only that you launch a more accurate promotional message for a specific market, but that it gives you anticipation tools to negotiate with the major players in the sector and being able to influence connectivity, which is essential “, explains Susana Mora.

Flight searches go up

This work has paid off in an unusual and complicated summer. “That the searches for flights to Menorca have exceeded the searches of 2019 at given moments this summer is very extraordinary“, says Gomila,” the island has gained market share compared to its competitors. “

And it is that Menorca has had an increase in search share higher than the rest of its competitors this summer, from all the markets studied. From Spain, searches to the island have grown more than 600% Compared with last year, from the Community of Madrid more than 997% and from Catalonia more than 564%. From the United Kingdom, on the other hand, searches to all Spanish destinations have fallen, but searches to Menorca have decreased less.

This indicator refers to the number of searches for flights to the destination compared to the total number of searches for flights to any destination in the world from the same market of origin in the selected period.

In the context of Covid-19, total search volume to destinations has decreased. However, in relation to the total number of searches, the share of searches towards nearby destinations from the Spanish market has generally grown, while towards long-haul and foreign destinations it has decreased seriously.

Searches from Spain. Click on each image to increase the size of the graphic.

Searches from the Community of Madrid.

Searches from Catalonia.

Searches from the UK.

The big data It allows supersegmented, launch specific messages to people with specific interests residing in specific cities. For this reason, one of the results that most pleased those responsible for Tourism, among the actions carried out with the agencies, is the fact that a video about the island released by Expedia had an impact of 90,000 people within the pages of the OTA and of two million people out, and that 82% of the views consumed the video in its entirety.

Security Perception Index

This index allows us to know how the destination is perceived in each issuing market, not only in terms of health security, as is the case in the current situation, but in broader aspects. “It is a complicated and subjective index,” explains Carlos Cendra, “but we serves to know how visitors and potential visitors perceive the destination“.

It happens that this perception does not depend so much on the objective situation of the destination as on the situation in the issuing market itself that is being studied, and that has become very clear in the pandemic. “This index shows us possibilities to reactivate a market, for example, or the impact of the pandemic on the volume of tourist mentions related to the destination “.

For Menorca the Security Perception Index has remained high this summer, above 91, with few differences with respect to the Balearic and Canary Islands as a whole.

How you face the next few months

Looking ahead to the next few months, Menorca’s goal is maintain maximum connectivity “to continue in the market”, says President Susana Mora, and for the benefit of the residents, “despite the difficulties we are experiencing at the moment.”

Looking ahead to 2021 they plan to advance the start of the season from April to March, with campaigns that will be based on information from the big data but that will surely also be directed to different regions of the State, including the archipelago itself

“We have a sustainable model with great potential”, assures Carlos Cendra, “and when tourism recovers the island will be very well positioned, without having to invent anything“.

And it is that what Menorca sells, say the technicians, is simply what the island is: tranquility, slow life, Mediterranean diet, nature, culture, landscape, without crowds, or pollution, or rush. Promotion will focus on the concept Healthy lifestyle, “which is what we are, we want to publicize our lifestyle and enhance our way slow to be in the world, “says the team.