"Air Austral est plus près de French Bee que de Corsair qui sont sur des produits identiques..."/crédit JDL

Marc Rochet: “French Bee and Air Austral are complementary! “


Frenc Bee, the French long-haul low cost, took delivery on Friday, December 17, 2021, of its first Airbus A350-1000, an aircraft that it will put into service this Saturday on the Paris Orly – Reunion Roland Garros route, for a first commercial flight. The opportunity for Marc Rochet, questioned by Tourmag, to stress that “ It is common knowledge that the situation at Air Austral is very critical, no doubt because of the choices that have been made in the past…. “Air Austral officials say the situation is very critical. No doubt choices that have been made in the past and the way it has been managed. In the end you have to pay the bill … She has the ‘air significant but I do not know the figures. We had proposed to Bercy to study the formulas of commercial cooperation with Air Austral but we were not answered and the management of Air Austral did not wish to look at these hypotheses there.

Air Austral is closer to French Bee than to Corsair

We believed in it with Jean-Paul Dubreuil because French Bee and Air Austral are complementary.

We are in low contribution traffic in high volume traffic. Air Austral has a different image and positioning, higher, initiated by Gérard Ethève.
In terms of business, I prefer to get closer to people who are complementary rather than those positioned on the same customer segments.
Air Austral is closer to French Bee than to Corsair which are on identical products. I do not mind being told that if we rationalize we will make huge savings, but good luck to those behind the Excel tables can reach such conclusions.
The offer is still valid and we are ready to do some substantive work on this file. But I think we will have the opportunity to talk about it again quickly. “