Malta on All Saints’ Day: 7 reasons to go with your family

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You want to take advantage of All Saints’ Day in Malta with the family? The months of October and November are still very pleasant if the weather is good. So find below all our reasons for going there this season.

1 – Enjoy the beautiful autumn days in Malta with the family

As is often the case in the Mediterranean, the temperatures are still quite mild. Except in bad weather, temperatures range between 20 and 25 ° C.However, bring a sweater and a windbreaker to warm up in case of rain.


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2 – Discover Valletta much less crowded on All Saints’ Day

Even if you leave during the French holiday period, you will avoid the summer rush, when all the English come to sunbathe on this English-speaking island. Do not miss the beautiful upper Barraca gardens, the Cathedral, the fortress …

3 – Malta for teens: an English-speaking dive

Why not let your teen guide you around this beautiful island. Indeed, after 2 months of English lessons, this is a great way to really get started speak English during the All Saints holidays. It’she is also a very popular destination for language courses.

4 – Bathe again in Malta at the end of October

All Mediterranean destinations are still very pleasant on All Saints’ Day. And the turquoise waters of Malta will be ideal for your last swim of the year. The Blue Lagoon is perfect for example to learn scuba diving even in this season.

Malt – Joy 2006

5 – To ride peacefully on Malta

Malta in the summer can be a nightmare. Indeed, on the island the roads are narrow. In summer, real traffic jams are created. As soon as the vacationers leave, you will find a more peaceful island where it is good to drive by car, quietly without stress.


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6 – Malta in autumn, perfect for hiking with the family

The hike in Malta must be just sublime. I did not test because we had at the time of our trip, Miss Voyageuse of 11 months to manage. And we wanted to avoid the heat. But in the fall, you will avoid the unpleasant and dangerous heat wave for family hikes. here are some ideas for short walks perfect with children

7 – To meet the other Maltese culture

Going out of season in a destination is to put all the chances to meet the inhabitants and to see them live simply. The opportunity to have a drink with them, share a few words. In summer, given the influx of English people, you will find it hard to believe you are in the south. You might be able to share a “Maltese pétanque” start with their funny wooden balls! This is Bocci, the sport of the old Maltese

Pétanque in Malta: Le Bocci

There you go, I hope this will give you some ideas on what to do in Malta in the fall, and on All Saints’ Day holidays with your family. Find our complete file below

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