Major airlines Spanish left for the first time to pay lessores

Major airlines Spanish left for the first time to pay lessores

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Some of the major airlines of Spanish, before the virulence economic crisis of the coronavirus, is leaving for the first time to pay lessores that they are renting the aircraft, according to have confirmed first-hand Preferred one of the main characters asking not to reveal his identity.

The non-payment to the owners of the aircraft until a few months meant that an airline lost automatically their devices, since the lessores so they put in a little time to some other airline, given that the demand for aircraft was superior to the offer.

Now, however, what is left for the first time in all points of the world are airplanes, as all the airlines are struggling to reduce fleet, in expectation of a demand depressed for years. And because of this, major airlines are able to cancel the rental fleet without as a result of losing the aircraft, since the owner has no where to put it.

Other airlines have maintained payments to the owners of their aircraft, but faced with the prospect that the acute crisis of demand is going longer than anticipated, it is expected that no more renegotiations with a ‘lessors’ without any choice other than to endure, especially with those airlines that demonstrate viability.