Luxury tourism vs sustainability: are they compatible?


Enrique Navarro, director of the University Institute for Research in Intelligence and Tourism Innovation at the University of Malaga, confirmed how it is assumed that luxury consumes many more resources, not only water but also energy.

However, he stressed that it is already a trend and there are more and more advances so that luxury establishments are increasingly sustainable, partly because of that social demand.

“For example, the hotel’s commitment to renewable energy, because it is important to give a vision of improving the environmental impact and there are already customers who pay more for that,” he stated

In this sense, Navarro agreed with Díaz that in the commitment to sustainability the customer’s position is key. “It is a contradiction that we have in our society, we want to consume less, but our models are highly consumptive depending on each segment. It depends on the client and on society, tourism is a reflection of society and the contradictions that society has go to have tourism “, he pointed out.

They ensure that luxury hotels are increasingly committed to sustainability in the face of social demand.

For his part, Artiem’s ​​commercial director explained that the chain has four- and five-star hotels and apartments and explained that the same sustainability criteria are applied in all establishments.

And what is more, according to Díaz, precisely in 5-star hotels higher quality materials and insulation can be used and more powerful measures implemented “to reuse water or recirculate some elements, with which care is not lost sight of. environmental, social and economic environment, which is what matters “.

Customer requirement

Meanwhile, Francesc Mateu, Managing Director of the Balearic Tourism Strategy Agency (AETIB), indicated that within the micro-segmentation of the luxury sector, it does require a customer profile that demands a lot of environmental awareness from establishments.

“This luxury is totally with sustainability. There is that luxury segment that is very sensitive to circularity and there are already many hotels that practice it,” he recalled