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Luggage for the Camino de Santiago, what to bring in your backpack?


It is said that you could guess where your route to Santiago started from, depending on what you have in your backpack … So if you want to know what to take in your backpack to the Camino de Santiago so that you neither lack nor have excess things in your luggage, keep reading what we tell you!

What to bring in your backpack on the Camino de Santiago?

A good pilgrim can not miss anything on his journey, and although there are things that you should carry in your luggage yes or yes, many others may depend on whether you do it on foot, by bicycle, on the duration or departure point of your journey , of the season of the year …

We understand that if you have reached this post it is because you have already collected basic information to make this unique journey. However, if you want to do the Camino de Santiago and you don’t know how, our friends from Camino de Santiago Travel they can help you and give you very useful information, as well as guide you to know which route to choose or how to do a good planning ?

Once you have thought about the route, the date, with whom you will travel … from here we will try to advise you what to take to the Camino de Santiago covering some of the most common situations:

Basics to carry in your backpack on the Camino de Santiago

As in every journey, the choice of what to carry in your luggage may vary from one traveler to another, but in this case, what we recommend you to know how to organize a backpack to do the Camino de Santiago is the next:

  • Pilgrim’s Credential: it is the official and mandatory document that makes you a pilgrim of the Camino de Santiago, whether you do it on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. This is where the accommodation where you sleep should be sealed and with which you will get the Compostela. Fraud is avoided with it and there are two types, depending on whether your journey is religious or not. You can get it at the Associations of the Camino de Santiago in your Community.
  • ID card or passport.
  • Health Card.
  • Money. Cash and card.
  • Bag. Ideally, it should not be too large and should not exceed 10% of your body weight when loaded. Here we list some of the best backpacking backpacks that you can use, both for the road and for any other trip.
  • Cape, poncho or failing that, waterproof cover for the backpack.
  • Comfortable, breathable, waterproof, non-slip footwear … It is one of the most important things on this trip! And it is recommended that you do not take them to brand new on the road, but that you take them already somewhat rolled.
  • Several changes of comfortable, sports, breathable and waterproof clothes, which adjust to the season of the year in which you go. The ideal would be the typical trekking clothing.
  • Underwear. Ideally, socks are technical, both for winter and summer.
  • Bag to store dirty clothes separately.
  • Toiletry bag with your favorite basic products. Some people even recommend throwing in toilet paper, but to take up less space, you can bring tissues, since it would be to use them only in the event that they are scarce in a hostel.
  • A basic first aid kit. Plasters, antiseptic (betadine or crystalline), anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen or similar), gauze, anti-chafing cream or petroleum jelly, thread and needles (to puncture blisters), tape … On the other hand, you can carry other medications both to help you go to the bathroom, such as antidiarrheals.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Flip flops. You will need them for the showers in the hostels and you will also appreciate them to free your feet at the end of the day.
  • Towel. If you carry one of the fine microfiber, it won’t take up anything in your backpack and it also dries super fast.
  • Mobile phone and charger.
  • Solar protection.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Raincoat (regardless of the date).
  • Siroquero hat, hat or cap for the sun.
  • Sleeping bag and mat.
  • Detergent (liquid or bar of soap) and clothespins.
  • Pillow case. (You may need it for some hostels)
  • Utility knife.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Camera (if you can’t manage just with your smartphone and if it fits in your luggage).
  • Guide of the way.
  • Lantern.
  • Reflective bracelet if you do not wear clothing with this detail. You may also need it if you like to walk very early or, on the contrary, it is late.
  • Bags to throw garbage and waste during each day. The recyclable biodegradable plastic bags are luxurious and occupy very little.
  • Walking stick. (the typical pilgrim staff or any other trekking pole). It’s one of the materials to do the Camino de Santiago more characteristic, especially if you wear the shell.
  • Traveler’s notebook (if you like to tell your stories on a daily basis, this article will be great).

Once you know what to take in your backpack to the Camino de Santiago, what else do you need? Well, of course … An open mind and eager to enjoy adventure and meet people! ?

And to go a little deeper, below we show you what a good pilgrim has to wear when making the journey in winter and summer.

What to take to the Camino de Santiago in winter

Doing the Camino de Santiago in winter requires a little more luggage planning than in summer.

Therefore, in addition to the basics that we have just mentioned, what must be taken into account when preparing the backpack to do the Camino de Santiago in winter?

  • Use a travel backpack with a maximum capacity of 50 or 60 liters (loaded should not exceed 10% of your body weight).
  • Use thermal clothing (undershirts, windbreakers …) to be able to dress lighter, maintain temperature and walk more comfortable. Throughout the day you will appreciate it.
  • As footwear, opt better for boots, and following what we mentioned above, that are comfortable, breathable, waterproof, non-slip and already used previously. You can also get some waterproof boot covers.
  • He wears somewhat thicker socks.
  • Don’t forget the fleece.
  • Wear a hat, neck warmers and gloves.
  • Pack the special sleeping bag for lower temperatures.

What to take to the Camino de Santiago in summer

If you are going to do the Camino de Santiago in summer, you can probably afford to carry lighter luggage than if you go in winter.

So what do you have to take into account when packing your luggage to do the Camino de Santiago in summer?

  • Use a travel backpack with a maximum capacity of 35 or 45 liters (loaded should not exceed 10% of your body weight).
  • Try to choose a backpack that is as breathable as possible.
  • He wears detachable shorts and pants.
  • Don’t forget your raincoat anyway, even if it’s a thinner one. Same for your backpack.
  • Remember to also pack something long-sleeved in your luggage. Fine sweatshirts, technical jacket, shirts …
  • Choose a valid sleeping bag for mild temperatures.
  • Mosquito repellent. In bracelet format it is a very good option.
  • Take your swimsuit.

What to bring in your backpack to do the Camino de Santiago by bike

Of course, if your idea is to do the Camino de Santiago by bicycle, the interior of your luggage can vary a lot.

First of all, we tell you that the recommended season for this route by bike is from March to October, and that it is recommended not to do the trip alone. Although if you decide to undertake this path alone, the ideal is that you join other cyclists along the way.

On the other hand, your amount of luggage will have to be limited to the capacity of your saddlebags, and you have to bear in mind that carrying the essentials, going light is more than an advantage.

So in this case What to bring in your backpack to do the Camino de Santiago?

  • Your best ally, your bike. The model and characteristics will vary depending on your preferences and the section of the road that you are going to do. But what is always advised is that it be your size, as light as possible and that you have already filmed it and do not release it for this occasion.
  • Saddlebags. If you do not have and you are only going to use them for this occasion, you can rent them in a company. Ideally, they should be waterproof.
  • Lights for the bike, both front and rear.
  • Basic tool kit for bicycle maintenance or for possible incidents.
  • Cyclist helmet.
  • Culotte. The most recommended are gel.
  • Jersey.
  • Thermal, waterproof, breathable clothing with reflective details.
  • Oilskin.
  • Water bottle.
  • Cycling sunglasses.
  • Bowler hat.
  • Patches

We hope it has been clear to you what to bring in your backpack on the Camino de Santiago, but if you have any extra suggestions or advice, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments, we will be happy to read it.

Good pilgrim way !!

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