Lufthansa will not go back to Cancun before October

Lufthansa will not go back to Cancun before October

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Philip Bonifatti, general director of Grupo Lufthansa in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean highlighted in a webinar which at the moment is only kept safe route from Mexico City to Frankfurt, and will not be before the 24th of October -when they carry out their plan of flights-who will return to Mexico City from Munich to Cancun from Frankfurt or Zurich, so with the revival of its flights to the Mexican Caribbean could be given until the month of November.

The manager stated that the impact of the pandemic, has been total. He explained that a route between Europe and the Americas is sold to a party in Europe, one part in Mexico and part in the rest of the world and no matter the time of year the percentage may change, so that said without a doubt they are missing a very good amount of customers on board, all those mexican customers that can’t fly to Europe. The operation that keep the date highlighted which allows them to operate in a responsible manner, you can’t complain.

He said he is very grateful to the customers that are chosen in these times for travel. “Our occupancy average is quite acceptable with flights that have big differences, that’s why the date kept three flights per week, which will increase gradually to 5 flights per week and later to 7, because at the moment there are still restrictions on entry to Europe, which is going to be very difficult.”

He stressed that in these times with the three flights that keep a week between Mexico City and Frankfurt cover, which before were covered with 12 weekly flights from Mexico city, without counting those who were in Cancun, which was an important operation between Frankfurt and Zurich and the flights that were of Eurowings.

It also noted that the recovery time, as I highlight their CEO will be giving to 2023, the year in which they reach 90% occupancy, that held in 2019.

It is worth noting as we published in Lufthansa re-launched its route Frankfurt-Mexico City last June 4, with three flights a week (Monday, Thursday and Saturday), on board Airbus A340-300, as it gave then that the countries began to lift their travel restrictions. However, the route from our country to Europe can only be used by members of the European Union, due to the current restrictions imposed by the block continental. (Lufthansa begins to operate in Mexico on the 4th of June)