Long stay: an oxygen balloon for hotels in the face of the crisis


“Approximately 50% of the reservations we currently have at Alda Hotels are long-stay, which has generated an increase in the average stay in the chain, which stands at 12 days“, they explain from Alda Hotels, one of the first chains that has launched this initiative in the middle of the pandemic, as published by HOSTELTUR in Alda Hotels, it launches a rate of 600 euros for monthly stays.

Similarly, from B&B Hotels, Josep Abellán details that the ‘Home For Everyone’ initiative is being very well received by guests

“Since we announced this rental possibility last November, many users have shown interest. About 4% of the rooms sold are already in long-stay format, which implies a 30-day agreement, renewable for another 30 days“, indicates the COO of the hotel that indicates that except for some very justified exception, caused by remodeling or a similar reason, the company has its entire network open in Spain and Portugal.

Vincci Hotels has also joined in offering its clients this proposal due to the increase in demand. In this sense, from the chain they remember that the long stay It is a type of accommodation that has always existed. “Traditionally we have always had clients who for one reason or another have stayed with us for long stays”, they emphasize.

“In recent months and due to the current context, we have detected that requests for this type of reservation have increased,” they point out.

What has been the customer response in this case? “‘Home For Everyone’ is being demanded throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Monthly rent was a necessity in many places in Spain and Portugal, which has been reflected in all our hotels in a homogeneous way. If we have to highlight any area specifically, due to the greater number of establishments, it would be the Community of Madrid and Catalonia “, Abellán stresses.

Labor reasons

According to sources from Alda Hotels, from the beginning of November, special rates were offered for long stays in the apartments of the Alda Sada Marina hotel, “where we verified that it was an option that was generating a lot of demand.”

“The reservations and inquiries that have come to us in this regard they were mainly of people who, for work or personal reasons, needed to spend a long period in a certain city “they point out.

In this sense, they highlight one of the great advantages of this type of demand at a time marked by uncertainty: the stability of reserves, “something that favors us when it comes to fighting low demand, and which implies an improvement in forecasts by our revenue management team “

Client’s profile

What is the profile of the client to whom this offer is directed? The B&B Hotels ‘Home For Everyone’ initiative is designed for those who need stay in a city and do not have the possibility to rent a house and demand a flexible accommodation option and, at the same time, affordable, according to Abellán.

“The vast majority are guests who travel for work and require long stays, many of them health personnel who, for a few weeks or months, must work outside their regions of origin; although there are also guests for vacation reasons”, highlights the COO of the chain

In this regard, Abellán gives several examples. “Thanks to this initiative you can live in Portugal, near the beach, or in the center of Madrid, from 500 euros per month. No need to sign any lease, bonds or guarantees “, abounds.

A user profile that matches those who have opted for this option at Alda Hotels.

“The main type of client who book long stays in our hotels are people who travel for work, and the cities where Alda Hotels is present and which are having the most success they are Sada, Palencia, Gijón, A Coruña and Soria “, they maintain from the Galician chain.

In the case of Vincci, the corporate client is betting on this modality especially, as they explain.

“He has professional commitments in a certain city and before maybe, he made short trips and returned home and now, with mobility restrictions, he prefers to extend his stay to solve all the pending issues from the comfort of having your hotel room for a long period of time “, they detail

According to a source from the chain, before the COVID-19 crisis, customers who opted for a long stay were concentrated in hotel establishments in Madrid or Barcelona and, at this time, due to all current restriction measuresThis type of client is also found in other Spanish cities such as Seville, Malaga or Bilbao, and also in Portugal.