Lobster on the holiday of October 12? In Santo André da Bahia there is

Lobster on the holiday of October 12? In Santo André da Bahia there is

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Prado at Gino restaurant, Praia do Mutá, at the 2019 festival

5th Costa do Descobrimento Lobster Festival

The village of Santo André, 30 km from Porto Seguro, is inviting to what should be the first face-to-face gastronomic festival of the resumption: the 5th edition of Discovery Coast Lobster Festival. It will be at the Nossa Senhora Aparecida holiday: October 11th to 18th.

Santo André is one of those places that fulfill all the requirements for a safe experience of deflation.

Separated from Santa Cruz Cabrália (and Porto Seguro) by the João de Tiba river, Santo André is not a place of passage, and does not suffer from muvuca even in high season. Do you know that nice place that doesn’t sell for New Year’s Eve or Carnival? Nice to meet you: Santo André.

Santo André Beach

Santo André Beach

The beach is extensive and semi-deserted all year round. Even in the area of ​​tents, in the right corner of the beach, it is possible to sunbathe with the proper social distance.

Restaurante Maria Nilza Santo André lobster festival

Maria Nilza Restaurant, Guaiú Beach

The restaurants have tables outdoors or in ventilated environments. Some have tables on riverside decks and are perfect for lunch in the middle or late afternoon, after a day at the beach.

There are already registered restaurants in the districts of Santo André, Santo Antônio and Guaiú (the three on the north bank of the João de Tiba river), in addition to the center of Cabrália and Coroa Vermelha.

As in previous years, each restaurant will present a new and exclusive recipe. All dishes will be judged by the public through an app. At the end of the festival, as always, the Best Dish and the Best Service will be awarded.