Lobster Destination: there is a Lobster Festival in Santo André, Cabrália and Porto Seguro

Lobster Destination: there is a Lobster Festival in Santo André, Cabrália and Porto Seguro

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Photo: Claudia Schembri

4th Costa do Descobrimento Lobster Festival

It has already started, and will continue until October 20 4th Costa do Descobrimento Lobster Festival.

21 restaurants and beach huts in Santa Cruz Cabrália, Santo André, Coroa Vermelha and Praia do Mutá will compete to see who offers the tastiest lobster dish.

The first three editions were a success, for two reasons.

The first, the quality of the fresh lobster, fished in the region.

The second, the abundance of talented cooks, both native and imported – there are many Europeans and Argentines who fall in love with this still-semi-wild piece of Bahia and end up living there.

(Don’t forget that it was in the village of Santo André, which belongs to Santa Cruz Cabrália, that the German team concentrated to win the 2014 World Cup.)

Discover your lobster

The Costa do Descobrimento Lobster Festival is a kind of lobster masterchef, in which you can taste what is created. Each participating restaurant or beach hut has its own recipe.

Participating dishes and restaurants can be found on Instagram @festivaldalagostacabralia.

There you also have fun with the Lagostices, stories and curiosities involving the queen of seafood.


Some of the Festival’s restaurants:

On Guaiú beach, on the corner of a small river, the elegant Maria Nilza, a native of the region, welcomes you to her beach restaurant with a lobster with bottle butter, with a regional flavor.

At the restaurant Orchid, in the village of Santo André, the lobster has an Afro-Bahian accent, replacing the shrimp in the efó, a delicious ritual dish with taioba, ginger and spices from Bahia.

The cashew, 5 star restaurant Campo Bahia (the hotel where the German team concentrated), will make a lobster vatapá ravioli with champagne.

There are also preparations with a European accent.

The restaurant Gino, at Mutá beach (next to the resort La Torre), created a lobster with Sardinian bottarga. O Wheat, in the historic center of Cabrália, which will serve citrus gnocchi with lobster. And the restaurant El Floriditafrom the inn Corsair in Santo André (the 2018 festival champion), there will be a Portuguese lobster stew but with an indigenous touch.

But the great thing about the Costa do Descobrimento Lobster Festival is that the lobster is also present in more commoner preparations. There’s the lobster moqueca tapioca from the restaurant D’Help, the lobster pie from the ice cream parlor Little dot and the lobster roll, a lobster mayonnaise sandwich that is a New England coast tradition and will be served at Macuco Hut at Praia do Mutá.

Discovery Coast Lobster Festival 2019

Photo: Claudia Schembri

By the way, the Maine Lobster Festival, back in New England, is supporting the Discovery Coast Lobster Festival. My friend Léa Penteado, who organizes the festival, is increasingly powerful.

There is still time to plan your sun and lobster getaway in southern Bahia. Santo André has charming guesthouses, standing on the sand, and one of the most peaceful beaches in Brazil (even on holidays or holidays).

See all participating restaurants and their dishes on Facebook and Instagram of the Lobster Festival.