Les Arcs the family resort with 5 atmospheres

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Direction Les Arcs ski resort with the family, a resort that is introduced to us by a traveling mom and ski instructor, who has chosen this resort to live and work there since she became a mom! It’s to tell you that she chose a family resort for his little one to flourish there!

The Les Arcs station is located above Bourg St Maurice, in Savoie. It is located at the bottom of the Tarentaise valley. it is one of the largest ski resort in France, since it brings together 5 villages the specifics of which Mathilde will describe to you below!

Skiing holiday location: Les Arcs

Practical information to book your stay in Les Arcs
  • Day pass price: € 57 / adult – € 46 for 5/12 years old
  • Altitude : 1200 m to 3226 m
  • Kms of slopes: 425 km – 10 green slopes – 129 blue – 77 red – 34 black
  • Children’s equipment: Daycare from 6 months possible – snow garden
  • How to get there : by TGV from Paris to Bourg ST Maurice, then funicular to ARC 1800
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Why choose to ski in Les Arcs ski resort?

This winter will be our 10th winter in Les Arcs. Before choosing this station, I had tested … a lot!

A large Paradiski domain high in altitude with fir trees

I wanted to a resort with a large ski area, with high altitudesare too low to have guaranteed snow and see fir trees but not too high not to be too cold.

Family resort with childcare facilities

And finally, I was looking for a station with an infrastructure offering ski lessons combined with a nursery for children from 2 and a half years old.

Les Arcs met all these criteria.

An easily accessible station from Paris

Today, I would choose this station for additional criteria, including its quick and convenient access from Paris: in 5 hours 25 by train and 8 minutes by funicular, you are in the heart of Les Arcs ski resort.

Les Arcs family resort
Family resort of Les Arcs in the fir trees

What are your favorite activities during a stay at this family resort?

Discover the paret: toboggan on monoski

We, what we preferred to do, except skiing of course! it was sledding. But since we discovered the modern paret… This is the “Yooner” brand who relaunched this activity and brought it up to date. It is a kind of sled consisting of a mini ski and a small seat, now on a shock absorber. We love ! It is much less painful for the buttocks and the back and we can move around. You can rent Yooners in several stores in Les Arcs or practice this activity in a supervised manner with the ESF, equipment rental will then be included.

Many indoor activities

Among our favorite activities in Les Arcs, there are bowling, swimming pools and SPA (I love the one in Arc 1950!), And quite simply the walks on the Spanish path for example.

Every winter, we also visit the ice cave: it changes every year, each time with a new theme.

The Water Slide in spring

From April, we do not spend a day skiing without going through the Water Slide! It’s a large (but shallow) pool to ski across. We go there especially to watch the others! And I admit that we laugh when someone falls into it!

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What to do in Les Arcs with family waterslide

What non-skiing activities?

There are a lot of activities to do in Les Arcs:

  • sled dogs,
  • electric scooter rides,
  • the snake gliss (we advise you to go up completely to the rear if you like the sensations because apart from the last place, it is really a quiet descent),
  • yoga or fitness classes,
  • massages,
  • snowshoe outings …

We still have other activities to test:

  • the Laser Game,
  • ice karts,
  • guided tours of the architecture of Les Arcs,
  • a helicopter baptism,
  • spend a night in the igloo hotel,
  • have an aperitif evening in the yurt,
  • paragliding from Les Arcs,
  • ski-joëring …

What is the level of equipment for skiing in the resort (number of tracks on tracks and / or on the cross-country?)

From a ski area point of view, in Les Arcs, a very high level of quality is achieved. 200 km of ski slopes, 123 ski slopes, snow cannons, snowpark, border cross, avalanche park, air bag, water slide, fun slope, night skiing, a 7 km long slope with an altitude difference of 2000me, an almost permanent view of Mont-Blanc, fir trees, an ice cave, several toboggan runs, a glacier with a 360 ° panoramic view …

What’s more, the Arcs-Peisey-Vallandry area is linked to La Plagne by a cable carthan. This represents 425 km of slopes, 258 slopes. This doubles the playing surface!

How does this resort deserve this family resort label? Would you recommend it to families with very young children and why? (Daycare, beginners area, etc.)

The advantage of these large resorts, is that young and old can be satisfied. The childcare offers are numerous, with or without skiing, and from an early age. Teenagers will also find their way there thanks to a wide range of activities. and offers in ski school adapted to them.

Having worked as a ski instructor at Arc 2000, then at Arc 1800 and finally at Arc 1600, I affirm that the Les Arcs resort is ideal for starting to ski.

All the sites in Les Arcs are pedestrianized and are linked to each other by free shuttles. The funicular also allows you to reach the city of Bourg-Saint-Maurice in 8 minutes: you will find everything you need there and at a lower cost than in the resort. Please note: the funicular is not recommended (prohibited?) For children under 3 years old.

In addition, the Mouains riders labeling committee awarded Les Arcs the Flocon Vert label. Les Arcs thus becomes the first resort in Savoie to obtain this certification guaranteeing its commitment to a policy of sustainable development.

Les Arcs is 4 villages and the city of Bourg-Saint-Maurice.

  • Arc 1600: the family and calm. Disadvantage: it’s really quiet!
  • Arc 1800: festive and full of activities. Cons: Do not choose your accommodation under a bar, and ski departures are often crowded.
  • Arc 1950: the chic. Downside: Feels like Disney, but is it really a downside? On the other hand, it is high in altitude, beware of the cold!
  • Arc 2000: the sportswoman as close as possible to the summits. Disadvantage: not a single tree, and as soon as the weather conditions are capricious (wind), everything is closed and you have to take the shuttle to go skiing in Arc 1600 or 1800, protected from the wind by the trees.
  • Bourg Saint Maurice : the city linked to Les Arcs in 8 minutes by a funicular. Disadvantage: we are not really in the mountains, more in the city, so we forget about sledding, snowmen and snowball fights in the evening after skiing.

What accommodation do you recommend in Les Arcs?

After having well chosen your destination in Les Arcs, here are my accommodation recommendations

In Arc 1600, I would recommend with my eyes closed the Arcadian hotel. Or the rental of a pointed chalet.

In 1800, I would choose the new Chantel district.

In 1950, you won’t have much choice, almost the entire village belongs to Pierre et Vacances.

In Arc 2000, if you have the means: the Taj I Mah. Otherwise the Belhambra Club Aiguille Rouge is very well located.

>> Our other accommodation ideas: Huttopia Bourg St Maurice (see the chalets here)

Do you have any advice for other holidaymakers regarding a stay in Les Arcs? (clothes, travel tips etc…).

Attention, Arc 1950 and Arc 2000 are on one side and Arc 1600 and Arc 1800 are on another side. So to reach Arc 1800 by road from Arc 2000, you will first have to go through Arc 1600. The same for skiing, you will necessarily have to take a ski lift to reach Arc 1600 or Arc 1800 from Arc 2000/1950.

Beginner tickets to better manage your budget

For beginners or small skiers, some ski lifts work with tickets: this is less expensive than a day pass if you do not ski a lot.

When to go to the family resort of Les Arcs with the family?

I highly recommend the month of April for family skiing: the days are longer, it’s warmer, it’s cheaper, there are a lot less people on the slopes, ski lessons are less busy. And for 10 years, there has always been snow until the end of April, even in Arc 1600.

Les arcs family resort
Ski touring in Les Arcs

What budget for a stay in the family ski resort of Les Arcs during the February family holidays? (fixed price, activities etc…)?

One of the biggest ski areas in the world, it comes at a cost. Between € 46 and € 73 the ski pass for one day depending on age and related activities includeds. Between 228 € and 308 € for a week. The prices listed are those of Les Arcs. You will have to pay more for Paradiski (Les Arcs and La Plagne linked).

Although the resort is suitable for beginners as well as expert skiers, you have to be fond of skiing to amortize your ski pass.

the pedestrian package is between 63.5 € and 91 € for the week.

How to get to Les Arcs without a car?

As said above, nothing could be simpler! The TGV train takes you to Bourg Saint Maurice. There are even Yes. Of the, the SNCF station is next to a funicular which takes you to Arc 1600 in 8 minutes. Then, the stations of Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 1950 and Arc 2000 are linked together by free shuttles.

Can you present, give us the ages of your children?

We are a seasonal couple with a girl of 11 years. I am a school teacher in the Paris region from September to January then I am ski instructor in Les Arcs throughout the winter.

You can find many articles by Mathilde on the blog (see her last stay in Egypt here) and deepen them by reading her travel diaries on the blog of Kittens on the move.

  • Good sanitary conditions 10/10
  • Ease of transport on site 10/10
  • Ease of finding everything for baby (infant milk, diapers, baby jars, etc.) 10/10
  • Child-friendly activities 10/10
  • Beauty of the landscape or visits 9/10
  • Affordable budget 6/10
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