Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a pioneer destination for digital nomads


The capital of Gran Canaria began to open its first spaces in the middle of the last decade coworking, the famous collaborative work offices, which the city assumed naturally. This segment of travelers adjusted to its status as the largest urban destination in the Canary Islands and the city began to become known as a desired destination. Proof of this is that since 2016 the Nomad List portal, based on the opinions of the users themselves, places Las Palmas de Gran Canaria among the first destinations in the world for these travelers.

The capital of Gran Canaria offers you a series of attractions that, by themselves, have spontaneously generated this true phenomenon of destination for nomads

Air and digital connectivity, the cost of living, a friendly climate throughout the year or a public transport model that includes cycling and a growing network of cycle lanes, are just some of those attractions.

But also the possibility of practicing sports such as surfing in unique places, recognized worldwide in the surfing circuit, the running or swimming in the sea; a trendy and multicultural gastronomic offer and numerous cafes with Internet connection in an open environment to turn the entire city into an office. Events such as the Nomad City, a world congress of nomads that has been held for five years in autumn, have contributed to all this.

In this urban map about twenty spaces are distributed coworking, with rates that are around 120 euros per month for a fixed place. In recent years, several have become coliving, a type of accommodation that allows the nomad to work and live in the same space.

A local audience also works in these offices, often maintaining close relationships with nomadic programmers, designers, video game developers, travel writers and other professions usually linked to the remote worker figure.

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria there are coworkings oriented to digital spaces but also to business activity in general, the maritime economy or small business trips or startups looking for a place to hold their team meetings.

All this has confirmed the capital of Gran Canaria as the first destination in Spain to stand out as an ideal place for digital nomads. A pioneering destination.