Large networks: re-opening mass to mid-June

Large networks: re-opening mass to mid-June

International tourism

The major networks agree. According to confirm Preferred managers of some of the top agencies in the country, the vast majority plan to reopen significant of the premises in the second half of June.

Expect to then there is more certainty and can begin to trade both domestic travel, which a priori will be reactivated in that time period, as international, whose resumption would start in the month of July (Sanchez: “In July, will open the borders without restrictions”). However, make it clear that this plan of return to activity will be subject to the measures taken by the Government, remains crucial to the lifting of restrictions of mobility.

If anything is twisted, the physical stores of the major networks in the country, which remain closed since it was decreed the state of alarm (14 march), will begin to return gradually to the thousands of workers affected by the temporary layoff of employment (ERTE).

However, they clarify, and they have transmitted all the time to the Government, which would need an extension of the STRONG force with the inability to reabsorb all of its employees instantly. It is worth remembering that some of them, as is the case of Viajes El Corte Inglés and Viajes Carrefour, have not waited for the Executive, and have approved ERTE causes productive of more than half a year of duration. The first ends on 28 February 2021 (VECI presents a STRONG up to the February 28, 2021), while the second expires on 31 January of the same year (Viajes Carrefour offers an alternative to work at 100% of their workforce).

For the moment, as it has advanced this digital, some agencies have already raised the blind a few local, specifically those located in commercial centers and localities that have passed the phase 2. With this first step in seeking to test the measures hygienic and sanitary conditions and “start to take the pulse of the market”.