Large networks: back job linked to the recovery

Large networks: back job linked to the recovery

International tourism

The major networks are planning a recincorporación gradual of employees as demand recovers. At the moment, but leading companies such as Viajes El Corte ingles, B the travel brand, Falcon Travel and Nautalia, among others, have already proceeded to the reopening of hundreds of points of sale, offices still operate in the medium gas (Large networks: re-opening mass to mid-June).

In the majority of cases, the resumption of care face-to-face has become more a matter of image, seeking to generate confidence among some customers are still afraid. After about three months closed, the travel agencies physical have reopened, in a high percentage, a partial (in the morning or afternoon, depending on the client’s profile and your location). Also, they have done so with very limited number of employees per store (re-opening: B the travel brand, more ambitious than the Hawk.

Sources of large networks that are consulted by Preferred emphasise that their intention is to go reabsorbiendo to workers affected by the different FATE “depending on how you react to the market and as the demand will go reactivating”. However, none of them is marked periods, which generated uncertainty among the thousands of employees who will be included in the records.

Some of them, as is the case of B the travel brand and the retail division of Globalia, have opted to paralyze the negotiation of the ERTE causes productive, taking advantage of the extension of the force majeure until at least 30 September. Others, however, have preferred not waiting for the Government. For example, Viajes Carrefour and Viajes El Corte Inglés agreed with the representatives of the workers records for objective reasons of nature and productive organizational force and effect until the 31 of march and the 28th of February 2021, respectively (Viajes Carrefour: social plan accompanying to mitigate your ERTE) (VECI presents a STRONG up to the February 28, 2021).