Nos séjours et vacances dites "sportives" sont le moyen de découvrir nos six destinations avec le prisme sportif... mais chacun à son rythme. Ici, un groupe en randonnée aquatique à la journée dans le canyon du Verdon - DR : La Toupie Bleue

La Toupie Bleue, for “sporting” holidays, but each at their own pace!

Destinations – What is the specificity of your agency?
Remi Collat:
The Blue Spinning Top is a travel operator that creates, markets and supports its own travel solutions.
We are tourism professionals (TO-agency-receptive at the same time) and sports professionals: specialized sports educators or state graduates and equivalent.
Our so-called “sports” stays and vacations are the means of discovering our six destinations (the Var, the Maritime Alps, the Jura, Barcelona, ​​Tenerife and the Sierra de Guara) with a sporting prism … but each at their own pace: relax intensively!
For businesses, our packages differ from those offered by a traditional event agency since the activities offered are more of a sporting than recreational nature: electric sports, remote-controlled sports, water sports, motor sports, muscle sports …
We are not pushing for the sale of activities such as “Fort Boyard” or “Koh Lanta” which, in our opinion, are too widespread, too seen.
For athletes who practice mountain biking (XC and enduro), padel and triathlon, we offer them complete courses to improve their practice!
Here are some examples :
– the Var, land of mountain biking, is a magnificent playground with its massifs, its vertical drop, its bike park, and land / sea alternation;
– the best padel in the world has been played and trained in Barcelona in recent years, so it was only natural that we launched the marketing of padel stays in the Catalan capital in 2018;
– finally, the triathlon in the Verdon (since we are partners of Nature Man Var) or in the Alpes Maritimes, since our technical team members run and swim year-round between Nice and the Mercantour gives us the opportunity to practice in unique places , techniques and prized. – What is your personal favorite in your region (tourist site, castle, museum, natural site, viewpoint, etc.)?
Remi Collat:
I have been shining in the Estérel every two days since 2016 now.
This volcanic red massif is unique … We breathe serenity, we feel the fullness, from its highest point at Mont Vinaigre to its bluish coves which make it very pleasant swimming spots. – Do you have a nugget or a secret address to reveal to us?
Remi Collat:
The secret addresses, we will distill them for you throughout your future stays with us, whether in terms of “tables”, swimming spots, picturesque walks.
The village of Tourtour, for example, is a nugget of the Haut Var. This village in Dracénie is popular for going for a walk before or after tasting the delicious grape variety from one of the many neighboring wineries.
There is no doubt that you will appreciate its church, its shaded alleys or its pedestrianized central alley, where the restaurant terraces live at the rhythm of the day, with the play of sunlight between the leaves of the many trees which dominate it. – You are a partner of the initiative #Go to France. What do you think makes our country beautiful?
Remi Collat:
Why not discover France as if we were going abroad?
Breaking the codes of the French receptive agency which is only addressed to foreigners seems important to me.
Without a language barrier, you will enjoy discovering a department or a region through natives or new residents who have fallen in love with their place of residence … which may be your travel destination tomorrow.
Like the proliferation of short stays, extended stays coupled with a desire to meet again and spend moments of truth, authentic, this is all the know-how that specialized travel companies have to reveal to you.

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