La Palma Airport is operational again


Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (Aena) reported on Sunday morning that after the progress in the ash cleaning work, it is now possible to operate at the airport, with prior approval of the flight plan by Enaire, the air navigation manager.

After the recovery of the La Palma Airport, all the airports in the Canary Islands are operational, although it is advisable to check with the respective airlines the status of flights, as advised by Aena travelers. La Palma administrations and organizations have collaborated with Aena in cleaning the ash at the airport.

However, Binter announced this Sunday that it maintains the temporary suspension of its flights to or from the La Palma airport, due to the ash cloud on the island from the erupting volcano. This temporary stoppage, which began on Friday 24, includes the cancellation of flights scheduled for this Sunday day and the forecast that activity will not resume “until conditions improve,” Binter reported in a statement. indicated that it is responding through the usual channels to requests for changes or refunds from affected passengers.

Complete operation

As this newspaper reported in Canary Islands airports are operational, on Friday night they had to cancel operations at several Canary Islands airports but on Saturday they were all operational in the absence of La Palma, which has been incorporated again this Sunday.

In the latter, Enaire has reported that the ash removal work on the runway has already been completed and companies can request permits to operate normally.

Image of the cleaning work this Saturday at La Palma Airport shared by Enaire on his Twitter account.