Le réchauffement climatique incite à une réflexion stratégique sur l

July is a hit in Occitania with more than 30 million tourist nights


According to data provided by Tourism Vision flow, the volumes of tourist overnight stays by extra-regional French customers fell slightly in July compared to July 2021 (-3.4%), despite the expected forecasts following the exceptional pre-season attendance. However, they are at a level significantly higher than that of July 2019 with +34.6%. Foreign customers have, for their part, further increased (+48% in July compared to 2021 and more than 95% since the start of the year) even exceeding the levels of attendance in 2019. In addition to European tourists, the bases of the foreign visitors, we observe the return of customers from further afield. Visitors from the United States, for example, generated almost twice as many overnight stays in the first 7 months of the year as in 2019, i.e. more than 1 million overnight stays. All clienteles combined, Occitania recorded more than 30 million overnight stays in July, an increase of more than 3 million compared to 2021 and since the start of the year, 95.7 million overnight stays have been made, i.e. an increase of more than 3 million. increase of 15.9% compared to 2019.

A mixed feeling from professionals

With a volume of overnight stays equivalent to that of July 2021, the professionals questioned by the CRTL and its partners, express at 52% a higher activity or equivalent to that of last year despite the absence of part of the French clientele who chose to leave the borders after three years of restrictions. Given the changes in behavior, the cost of travel, analysts predict that these tourists who have (re)discovered the Occitanie destination thanks to the health crisis, will now alternate between holidays in France and abroad. The attendance felt logically varies according to the type of tourist establishment and the destination. The unfolding of international events such as the Tour de France (which completed 8 stages in Occitanie this year) or exceptional weather conditions benefit certain destination universes more. Thus, professionals in the Pyrenees, the mountainous areas of the Massif Central and the coast are seeing higher attendance than in 2019. In comparison with the month of July 2019, restaurants, shops and activities have particularly felt the drop attendance without however noticing a real drop in their turnover. In terms of reservations for the second part of the summer, 77% of professionals consider the level of their reservations for the month of August to be satisfactory, or even high. They are almost half to consider the month of September as calmly.

Tourism officials in Occitania are already wondering about the future

Given the sometimes difficult climatic conditions with scorching temperatures throughout France, questions arise about the adaptation of the tourism sector to climate change, and the attractiveness of territories perceived as at risk by French and international customers. . The repeated health crises, even if they do not inspire major concern on the part of the public authorities, remind us, however, that vigilance is still required for the future. Difficulties in recruiting seasonal staff persist, particularly in the hotel and catering sector. In short, there is enough to fuel strategic thinking as international customers return, as the French have taken a liking to national holidays, but for how long. Read also: A tourist trend with the green light, but impacted by inflation Atout France: a good trend for the summer but alert on the future