José Manuel Maciñeiras, architect of the agencies unit, dies


Born in Lugo in 1943, he was a Naval engineer although his life was dedicated to the world of tourism. He was the founder of Ultratur Group and owner of the agency Vincit Travel from the city of Vigo.

Since 2001 he served as president of one of the large associations of Spanish travel agencies, AEDAVE, after taking the witness of Juan Careaga, and was also president of the association of corporate travel agencies GEBTA.

In 2011 he handed over the presidency of AEDAVE to Vicente Blasco, to be vice president of the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (CEAVYT), germ of the current Spanish Confederation of Travel Agenciess (CEAV).

José Manuel Maciñeiras, in an image from 2013.

He was a key figure in the union of the different associations of agencies under a single employer that gave voice to the entire agency sector, as the president of CEAV has highlighted to HOSTELTUR, Carlos Garrido.

“José Manuel fought a lot for associations and for unity. For me it was the great ideologue of unity, beside Rafael Gallego. It is true that more people participated in that process, but they were the two visible faces and the architects of that movement, first with CEAVYT and then with CEAV, “he says.

Garrido remembers that he always had a very close friendship with Maciñeiras, “for whom I always had a lot of appreciation, because he was very generous with associations and travel agencies.” He confesses that “for me it has been a reference, because it encouraged me to get involved in associationism in his time as president of GEBTA”.

The former president of AEDAVE emphasizes that “he was a very intelligent person, a Naval engineer with great mental capacity.”

He also praises his role as a tourism entrepreneur with the creation of the Ultratur Group, which would later buy the Viajes Vincit agency, despite the fact that it finally had to close after the 2008 economic crisis like many other agencies. “But he did not slam the door, but faced all his creditors and employees and carried out a very orderly closing,” he says.