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IV. Isabelle Duranceau (Escaet): “The health crisis generates opportunities and new ideas”

Destinations – What is your background?
Isabelle Duranceau:
My university course is oriented foreign languages ​​and business. I obtained a master’s degree in international business.
I worked for ten years in the maritime trade, before starting a retraining, last October, by enrolling in the MBA International Travel management of theEscaet.
It is a transversal training which touches on the various fields of tourism: leisure, business travel, hospitality and skills such as digital, revenue management, etc.
It is an interesting pro training for people who do not have a specific project and those who do not yet know where to go.
My original idea has been confirmed, I want to work in the luxury hotel industry.

“In 2006, I was presented with tourism as a blocked sector, unlike international trade.” – Why did you choose tourism studies?
I used to be a commercial person, but sedentary. I did not have direct contact with customers. What attracted me to tourism, and more specifically to luxury hotels, was customer service.
The sector is dynamic, never routine. We have seen it again with the health crisis.
It is a difficult time, which despite everything generates opportunities, new ideas. – Did you know the tourism industry before resuming your studies?
During my studies, I did an internship in outdoor hospitality, in a 4-star campsite.
I also worked as a junior product manager, in a small agency that offered language trips abroad for children.
Tourism and the hotel industry have always appealed to me, but when it came to choosing the course, in 2006, I was presented with tourism as a blocked sector, unlike international trade.
In fact, I applied for customer relations positions in the hotel industry 4 or 5 years ago, before resuming my studies. Having no experience and not knowing the industry well, I had received negative feedback.
Maybe people weren’t as open as they are today in terms of recruiting.

“The fact that many employees have left the sector will force recruiters to be more open about profiles” – How did you experience the health crisis? How did the distance education go for you?
My training began in October 2020, the school had put in place the tools to follow the courses remotely from the first confinement. The supports are accessible remotely. You can watch the lessons as much as you want.
The only obstacle is group cohesion. I miss it. When we turn to tourism, we look for its dynamic side.
I did not register for the class of June 2020, hoping to follow the face-to-face training. I thought it would help me work after years without school. Eventually, I’m fine, despite spending my days in front of the computer. – What about writing your thesis?
The subject of my thesis is: “How are luxury hotels in France continually reinventing themselves to meet the new expectations of luxury customers and thus strengthen their market share?” “.
I am looking at various questions for this: What is the impact and consequences of the Covid-19 crisis on the luxury hotel industry? How to define the expectations of high-end customers? How to adapt and diversify its offers? How to adapt to the arrival of new players, such as luxury concierge services? What are the innovations of tomorrow? New concepts? – Has the health crisis changed your ambitions or your vision of the tourism sector?
It didn’t scare me, on the contrary. It comforts me in the idea of ​​working in tourism!
Perhaps the fact that many employees have left the sector will force recruiters to be more open about profiles.
As students from vocational training, we have liabilities and not necessarily experience, apart from the internship.
For my part, I try to create a network. Personally, I have stayed in hotels in my area. After each visit, I send a questionnaire on their vision, the CSR resources put in place … it helps me with my thesis and allows me to make contacts. – What is the job of your dreams once you graduate?
Guest relationship in luxury hotels to take care of the reception and customer service part. This is what pleases me.

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