Interjet gives a few extra kilos to their passengers

Interjet gives a few extra kilos to their passengers

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The airline that commanded by William Shaw, continues to surprise to your customers, to announce that will be giving 5 extra kilos without cost, to increase of 25 to 30 kg the weight of your checked baggage on all their routes.

The above highlights in a press release, it is with the aim of improving the experience for its travelers.

This measure also responds to the decision of the new Carrier, to provide its passengers the best care and service in the airline industry mexican, and reaffirms the commitment of the company with the development of travel and tourism.

Interjet still retains its complimentary service onboard all its flights, which consists of sandwiches to choose from, a varied selection of snacks and crackers, and unlimited beverages at no cost.

In addition, it offers the largest space between seats for the convenience of its passengers, which supports its culture based on the priority of their customers, which reaffirms its commitment to provide the best travel experience.