Interjet executives visit AMLO airport

Interjet executives visit AMLO airport

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Part of the new management team of La quebrada Interjet, led by Federico Bertrand, recently appointed general director of the airline, visited the facilities of Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), at the base of Santa Lucia, which, promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), expect to be operating by March 21, 2021.

This was shared in redes Carlos del Valle, executive president of Interjet, who pointed out, as we had already advanced in, that the airline that plans to fly again by 2022, with operations from Mexico City International Airport( AICM), Toluca International Airport and the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) (Interjet returns to fly in 6 months and includes AMLO airport).

According to the workers of the new airport, it will be ready to start operations in March. To date the work maintains an 82.2 percent progress. The new air terminal already has the three runways (two civilian and one military) ready, as well as the terminal base to serve approximately 19.5 million passengers in its first stage.

The AIFA is already working with the two airlines that raised their hands first to provide their services from there will provide their service there, which are already conditioning their respective areas to begin serving passengers from March 21. Even in their itineraries and reservations they already offer flights from Saint Lucia.

According to the lieutenant engineer builder, Juan Carlos Figueroa Flores, and the first captain engineer builder, José Sergio Martínez, only a few details are missing, among which they highlighted finishing the construction of the hotel that will have the airport, as well as the placement of the control tower systems, the installation of luggage bands and counters, among other elements.