Urlaubstrend Cottagecore

Influenced by Corona: “Cottagecore” – what the trend has to do with traveling


In the spring and also recently you have often heard or read it: A city is not suitable for a lockdown. Many fled cities, even metropolises like New York were suddenly orphaned.

Cottagecore was influenced by the corona pandemic like hardly any other trend. The return to the idyllic country life became a very special aesthetic in the social networks and also influenced fashion.

Demand for country houses increased significantly

Of course, the trend doesn’t stop at vacation planning either. According to a recent survey by FeWo-direkt, 63 percent of German families would like to spend their next vacation in untouched nature far away from the hectic city. After the initial lockdown, the demand for country houses on the platform even increased by 650 percent!

“As a result of social distancing, families are looking for near-natural vacation spots where outdoor activities are possible and where they can enjoy their time together undisturbed,” says Aye Helsig, Regional Director Central Europe at FeWo-direkt. “People stay longer in one place, explore the surroundings in peace and quiet and sometimes withdraw to the holiday home. The main thing is that the family is together. “

It remains to be seen whether the trend will intensify in the coming year, as will the further course of the corona pandemic. The trend definitely has one positive aspect: Holidays in Germany go perfectly with “Cottagecore”.