Independent hotels: the challenges to look to the future, according to OYO Hotels


These are the challenges these independent hotels must face:

  • The Revenue management remains one of the fundamental challenges. Being able to generate high occupancy and maintain ADR (Average Daily Rate) levels is an essential step.

  • Minimize the economic impact they represent last minute cancellations.

  • Be able to improve online ratings and respond to customer feedback properly.

  • To combine the work done with OTAs and the search for alternative sources of demand.

  • Manage successfully various technological solutions for property management or pricing.

  • Administer and manage the daily operations of the hotel, keeping track of inventory seeking continuous improvement of operations.

  • Create a solid and flexible value proposition that allows better face uncertainty in demand and an always competitive environment.

    OYO Hotels, the perfect partner for independent hotels.

OYO, which currently has around 43,000 hotels around the world, is positioned as the partner perfect for independent hotels. The company offers a strong value proposition focused on using its own technology to optimize demand, something that allows improving the hotel’s revenue management and maximizing RevPAR (income per available room).

his technological development also provides useful solutions to hotel managers and staff, which find in the same platform, all the necessary resources for the management of the hotel.

In a complementary way, the company regularly analyzes the needs and preferences of the guests and invests so that each establishment satisfies them adequately

In addition to the support offered by belonging to an international brand, the company is committed to the human factor to help the manager and staff of each establishment in their day to day.