Imserso: UGT asks the Government and hoteliers for an agreement to keep it


It should be remembered that the hotel sector has repeatedly expressed its disagreement with the current Imserso program, considering it “unfeasible” due to the current price paid by the central government per pensioner per day. Specifically, HOSBEC has requested an alternative to Imserso and CEHAT believes that it will not be able to resist if it does not innovate.

This historic social programme, devised in 1985 by the former General Secretary of the UGT, Paco Obrador, helps deseasonalize and prolong the tourist season, since the discontinuous permanent staff of the Balearic Islands can extend their contract months

“To the The whole of the economic system of the Balearic Islands is interested in the Imserso’s trips continuing”, underlined the general secretary of FeSMC UGT, José García, who recalled that the arrival of Spanish elderly visitors between October and May Not only do the 44 establishments participating in the program benefit, but also the complementary offer.

The program benefits both hotels and the complementary offer, highlights the union. Photography UGT-Balearic Islands.

Likewise, García has recalled that the Administration is already in charge of subsidizing half the cost of the contributions between November and February of discontinuous permanent professionals who are active during those months. FeSMC UGT trusts that with the “efforts” and the “will” of the central and regional governments, hotel management associations and unions it will be possible to reactivate the Imserso tourism this year.

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