#IlFautQuonParle se tiendra du 6 au 12 mai 2021 - DR

#IlFautQuonParle: join the first Climate Audio Festival!


Once the stake of its survival is assured, tourism will have to tackle that of its sustainability and with as much vigor as that deployed to survive.
To accelerate the awareness of our industry, but also of French society, in the face of global warming, the Make Noise mobile application organizes the 1st Audio Festival for the Climate.
Called #IlFautQuonParle, because acting for our planet starts with talking about it, the festival will take place from May 6 to 12, 2021.

For 7 days, 30 renowned speakers will follow one another including Nicolas Hulot, Jean-François Clervoy (Spationaute), Adèle Galey (Ticket for Change), Walter Bouvais (Open Lande), Adélaïde Charlier (Youth for Climate), Magali Payen (On is Ready) or Stanislas Gruau (Explora Project).

How to participate in #ILFAUTQUONPARLE?

The latter, together with Evrard Wendenbau, explorer and founder of Naturevolution, will address the theme: “Travel and ecology: is it compatible?”. The conference, or conversation, will be held on Wednesday May 12 between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.

During the week, speakers will tell about the state of the planet, but above all they will present their solutions for a more livable world.
The free event and the personalities who will participate in it challenge themselves to generate more than 10,000 engaged conversations for the climate.

The festival will take place on the Make Noise app. With its new features, each festival-goer will be able to become an actor of change.
during #We need to talk, it will be possible to exchange with all the participants and ask questions to the speakers, invite friends to join the event for free live, applaud the conversations, support an NGO by making a donation and share messages on its social networks to speak of the climate with his relatives.