IATA successfully tests your travel pass on the arrival of a flight to London


JoAnn Tan, Singapore Airlines Acting Senior Vice President of Marketing Planning, said: “Digital health credentials will be essential as borders are reopened and travel restrictions are phased out around the world.”

During the test, Singapore Airlines passengers were able to use the IATA Travel Pass to create a secure digital version of their passport on their mobile device, enter their flight details for travel restrictions and requirements, and record verified test results. and a confirmation that they meet all travel requirements.

Automated process

IATA stresses that airlines’ ground operations will come to a halt if they have to manage COVID-19 travel requirements (test results or vaccine certifications) with paper documentation. The same goes for border authorities.

“This real-life proof of concept should give all governments confidence that the industry has a viable digital solution that will alleviate the pressure of incorporating medical certificate checks into the travel process, including at borders. This proof is an opportunity for us to work with the UK government to demonstrate that the solution works and share the results, “said Nick Careen, Senior VP Airports and Passengers at IATA.

Global standards

De Juniac has pointed out that, to obtain the maximum benefit from the IATA Travel Pass and to avoid confusion and inconvenience to passengers, “the standardization of vaccination tests or certifications and their acceptance by the authorities and governments of all countries is key.”

A recent IATA survey of travelers found that 89% agree with the need for global standards and 80% are interested in using a mobile app to manage their travel credentials (see: 89% of surveyed travelers in favor of a standard health passport).