Hurtigruten presents two trips from Pole to Pole


From Pole to Pole with the MS Roald Amundsen

The base camp at sea will be the world’s first hybrid expedition cruise ship, the MS Roald Amundsen. The starting point of this expedition cruise will be vancouverin Canada, beginning the 96-day journey on August 8.

The ship will sail north along the Alaskan coast, admiring the Misty Fjords, Wrangell either sitka, a city that can only be reached by sea or air as it is surrounded by the Tongass National Forest. You can also meet kodiakthe largest port in Alaska or the imposing Katmai National Parkwith an area that exceeds 16,000 square kilometers and has a dozen active volcanoes.

In addition, you will navigate through fishing and traditional villages such as Chignikthe uninhabited Unga Village (Aleutian Islands) or Dutch Harbour. The tour includes Sao Paulo Islands, the largest of the Pribilof Islands and home to numerous species of birds and fur seals, and Saint Matthewsaid to be the most isolated place in Alaska.

When going through the Bering straitthe cruise will reach the Arctic Circle, with Russia to the west and the United States to the east. This is also the International Date Line, which means that “tomorrow” is to our left and “today” is to the right.

When crossing the chukotka seathe ship will reach Point Barrowthe northernmost point of the United States, and will enter the beaufort sea, where – with luck – you can see Greenland whales and gray whales. Sea ice will also be the protagonist. As it travels through the Northwest Passage toward the baffin island Y Greenlandthe passenger will witness devon island (the largest uninhabited island on Earth), and Fort Ross, in Hudson Bay. later it will reach Ilulissat Y Sisimiutthe second largest settlement in Greenland.

Sailing will continue south along the eastern coast of the United States to the warm tropical islands of Central America, before passing through the Panama Canal and reach South America. From this point, they will tour the American West Coast exploring ancient sites in Ecuador, Peru and Chileto browse the chilean fjords and get to the Patagonia. The last stop will be Antarctica.

From Pole to Pole with the MS Fram

The MS Frame will depart on September 2 from Edmonton, Canada, where the passenger will begin a 66-day voyage, sailing from the cambridge bay in the Arctic, before traversing the legendary Northwest Passage to the coast of Greenland, Newfoundland and Labrador. During this tour the passenger will be able to admire natural sites such as Beechey Island or the Dundas Harborand meet Inuit communities, such as those of Pond Inlet.

The passenger will be under the surveillance of the Expedition Team that will evaluate the natural conditions and the weather

Leaving behind the Northeast Passage and Canadian territory, the ship will set course for Greenland and Atlantic Canada. While browsing the baffin bay and the davis straitinformative lectures will be given in the Science Center, addressing topics such as fauna, Greenlandic culture, history of expeditions and historical explorers, geology and photography.

The settlement of Ilulissattranslated as “icebergs”, is found in the impressive landscape of the Ilulissat Icefjorddeclared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the points that will cross the Fram, to then reach halifax, one of the largest natural harbors in the world. From there the ship will continue south across the Atlantic, before passing through the Panama Canal to the Pacific.

In addition to meeting an indigenous tribe in the region of Darien, Solano Bay in Colombia, or explore the remote “Silver Island”, the passenger will be able to experience an explosion of culture and nature, exploring Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. Later he will witness the splendor of the Patagoniawith the brightly painted stilt houses of Castro and the church of San Francisco, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Puerto Eden, Puerto Natales and the Chilean fjords they will be the companions of the trip until arriving at Cape Horn and the drake passagethe way to reach the white continent.

For seven days, the passenger will be able to experience the fauna, see the large colonies of penguins and the landscapes of the region, with limited activities such as kayaking, camping and snowshoeing, always hand in hand with the Expedition Team.

As described in the Antarctic Treaty, Antarctica is dedicated to peace, science and tourism. That is why Hurtigruten adheres to very strict environmental guidelines in this area.

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