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How to pack easily and happily with the Marie Kondo method


If you are going to travel and you are interested in knowing how to pack a suitcase easily And so that everything is perfectly ordered, clean and correct, you will surely like to read this post.

Knowing how to order a suitcase quickly and easily is essential both for those who usually travel regularly and for those who do so sporadically. And if, in addition, that order gives you mental stability, according to Marie Kondo, much better !, right?

So, what do you think if we tell you how to get it?

Who is Marie Kondo?

You’ve probably heard about Marie Kondo and order. And it is that this successful Japanese writer has become popular worldwide thanks to her books and her Netflix series.

«The magic of order” and “Happiness after order»Are his biggest bestsellers translated into Spanish and 40 other languages.

In addition to being a writer, she has been an organizational consultant since the age of 19, an icon of popular culture, and has formed the KonMari Method (Marie Kondo Method) to spread the magic and happiness that can be achieved with the order of clothes and objects. This order can be applied to your home, your closets, your luggage … or your life.

She is also a television star, founder of KonMari Media, Inc. and has been nominated for an Emmy.

Ultimately, Marie has been named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time magazine and her work has been featured in thousands of international publications, radio shows, and major television shows.

Therefore, following his methodology, we are going to focus on how to pack, which is what interests us the most 🤗.

What is the Marie Kondo packing method?

Packing your travel suitcase or your travel backpack can sometimes be boring, especially when you don’t know how to place things or everything doesn’t fit in your luggage.

In fact, sometimes you are likely to be forced to check luggage because you don’t know how to pack a suitcase and fit everything.

Sounds like you, right?

Well, the good news is that there are ways to fold and put clothes in your luggage that allow you to finish this boring task in less time and more efficiently and happily. So you can start enjoying your trip or vacation before you leave.

Marie Kondo’s method is an attitude towards life, a philosophy of order. This guru of order maintains that there are many positive effects that we can have in our lives thanks to order: luck, love and success, among others.

Do you dare to discover how?

How to pack with the Marie Kondo method?

Yes now! We are going to see those valuable tips and tricks on how to pack a suitcase to save space and to feel totally happy and satisfied after finishing it:

First of all, a tip that we always give when preparing luggage is to make a list of all the things that you cannot miss. It is the most effective way to ensure that you do not forget anything at home and you can also do it quickly in the notes on your mobile phone and use the same list for subsequent trips.

Secondly, remember that the main rules of this method to prepare the suitcase are the commitment to order, imagining an ideal lifestyle, ordering by category, discarding objects or garments that do not generate joy and keeping those that “speak to you to the heart”.

And once you have these premises present, How to make more things fit in a suitcase? and How to put the clothes in the suitcase?

  • To begin, you should know that the basis of how to pack with the KonMari method is to fold and place clothes and belongings in a specific way.
  • Place cotton, silk or viscose garments on top of the suitcase, as these are the most delicate and prone to wrinkling. Also, when you put the suitcase upright, there will be nothing to crush them.
  • Similarly, place the most robust items, such as jeans or sweaters, at the bottom of the suitcase.
  • Transport your underwear inside a travel / storage bag and place it in one of the holes that you have inside the suitcase.
  • Likewise, keep the footwear in a cloth bag or storage bag. Thus, in addition to carrying it in an organized way, you will avoid dirtying your clothes.
  • And what about your toiletry bag? Marie Kondo recommends transferring all liquids (makeup, perfumes, gels …) to smaller containers, to take up less space. In this sense, you can buy a set of liquids for air travelAs inside hand luggage, each passenger is allowed a maximum of 10 containers of a maximum of 100ml each. We recommend that you place this bag in an accessible place to be able to remove them easily when passing through the security control.
  • Once you have packed all of your clothes correctly in your suitcase, put small items in a separate bag or bag. Such as cables, chargers, documents … And put them in the small gaps between the clothes.

How to organize clothes in the suitcase with the Marie Kondo method?

When placing and folding clothes in the travel suitcase, always keep the following steps in mind:

  1. In the first place, as the Japanese writer advises, you must learn to realize that it is better to live with little and that you like to live with a lot and that you do not use. In this sense, it is very common that of all the clothes that you keep in your closet, you only use a small part of it daily. At the time of pack a travel suitcase, the same thing usually happens. We tend to wear more clothes than we can really wear, with the excuse of “just in case …” Does that sound familiar to you?
  2. Second, one of the keys to successfully ordering clothes in luggage is to do it by category. That is, separate t-shirts, pants, dresses, underwear, accessories …
  3. And thirdly, Marie Kondo proposes a rule of folding clothes so that the garment is in the shape of a rectangle and then dividing it into three imaginary parts to fold. Finally, it must be placed vertically in the suitcase.

In this way, everything is perfectly ordered, classified, without wrinkles, occupying less and “happy”.

But, How to fold clothes according to Marie Kondo? Let’s see how to fold each category of clothing:

Fold T-shirts and Shirts

Lay the shirt or undershirt face down and fold the sleeves inward. This will get you a rectangle. Then divide the shirt into 3 imaginary parts (if you think from neck to waist) and fold it along those lines. Finally, place the shirt upright inside the suitcase.

In the case of shirts that wrinkle easily, start the same, placing it extended face down, folding the sleeves inwards, make the first fold and continue rolling in that direction (instead of making the 3 folds as before).

Fold dresses

Dresses can be folded in a similar way to t-shirts. That is, by spreading them, folding sleeves inwards and folding in three parts or rolling it up.

Fold sweatshirts

You can fold sweatshirts in a similar way to t-shirts. That is, spreading them face down, fold the sleeves inwards, fold the hood, and fold it back. In this way you can divide the garment into the three imaginary lines that we mentioned earlier. Once folded, similarly place it vertically in the suitcase.

The other way to fold Marie Kondo sweatshirts is by folding them in three parts and tucking the garment inside the hood, as if it were a pocket.

Fold pants and jeans

For pants, fold them in half (stay on one leg) and apply the 3-part rule to fold them. Finally, place it vertically in the suitcase.

For shorts, spread them face up, fold right and left equally, until there is a piece where you can use the 3-line rule.

Fold underwear, swimsuits and bikinis

For briefs, bikini bottoms and briefs, fold the sides inward and then the bottoms up. This way you will have a small square that you can also place vertically in the suitcase.

For socks, fold them directly using the 3-fold rule.

And in the case of bras and bikini tops. Marie Kondo says to gather up the straps and straps from the back and place the garment face up on top of all the clothes in the suitcase. So when you open the suitcase, it’s the first thing you find.

We already know what to explain to you how to pack by rolling clothes according to Marie Kondo, it is somewhat complicated in writing. So we encourage you to watch the following video, where it is clearly explained.

Do you think your thing is not to fold the clothes in your suitcase to the Marie Kondo way? Well, in our opinion, you can be a bit flexible in the order of things, as long as you keep a minimum arrangement inside the luggage, don’t you think?

So maybe this practical will convince you Clothes bender with tabs, to pack your suitcase easily and in a snap!

Advantages of preparing the travel suitcase with the KonMari method

According to the KonMari method, the key to successfully maintaining order is to arrange the objects in your house, room, apartment, study, office or luggage correctly, keeping only what you really love and cleaning everything at the same time.

This incredibly easy method will not only transform your space, it will change you too. You will feel more confident, successful and motivated to create the life you want.

In the case of luggage, both suitcase and travel backpack, organizing it correctly will improve your experience, because you travel more comfortable, fast, light and cheap, you find your belongings instantly, you are less likely to forget something, you travel with less stress, you do and unpack your suitcase more quickly and easily …

So sign up to travel Marie Kondo style to find out how pack quickly and easily! You will be able to transport all the belongings you need, neither more nor less, optimizing space and obtaining a luggage full of serenity and inspiration.

In short, Marie Kondo assures that by following her method (both in your luggage and in the rest of your belongings in your life) you will be able to achieve balance and be happy.

How about this method of how to pack easily? Have you used it? Do you have any other techniques? Do not hesitate to leave us your comments below, we will be happy to read them 😉

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