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How to learn English while traveling – Tips and ways to do it


Learning English or at least being able to speak it fluently is a pending task for many, and if you have come this far it is because you also have that concern, right?

We tend to think that by simply traveling we will already learn something, and it is not entirely a lie !; traveling to English-speaking countries, taking English courses abroad, making good local friends … There are several companies that organize these types of trips. An example of them is CLS Languages They have been dedicating themselves to this type of travel since the 80s.

All these actions are valid, but some good practices must be followed if we want to get the best out of it. how to learn english traveling.

So we encourage you to see some of the ones we offer you ?

5 Ways to improve your English level while traveling

Depending on your interests, resources and concerns, you will be able to take better advantage of one or the other ways of traveling and learning English at the same time:

Choose a good destination

First of all, most important: choose your travel destination.

The environment that surrounds you will be essential, both to take advantage of and improve your language level and to feel comfortable with the standard of living, culture, environment …

I mean, if you’re wondering where to learn english travelingOf course you will have to choose a place where the official language is English (USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Malta, Australia, New Zealand …).

The accent does not matter, but although it is sometimes complicated, try to make it a place with little influx of Spanish speakers. This way you will avoid ending up speaking more Spanish than English. Or at least, avoid moving around the most touristy neighborhoods and enter areas where only English is spoken.

You will also have to choose a destination that fits your budget. There are cheap destinations to learn English, such as Malta, smaller cities in England or Ireland … Compared to what it might cost you to travel to New Zealand or Australia, including flights.

Therefore, choose a type of trip that you can afford, both in money and in the period available, so that it is not a bad experience.

But when looking for the best place to learn English while traveling, you will also have to take into account your tastes, your cultural preferences, your ability to adapt more to some customs than others, in order to adapt to the environment as quickly as possible and enjoy the experience.

Learning a language when you are comfortable is much more effective!

Take the opportunity to do a good English course

You can take a tourist trip to an English-speaking destination, without further ado, but if what you want is to give your English level a good pull, it is advisable to take an intensive course on site.

Make a English course abroad for young people, adults, students, children … it is not the same as doing it in your country.

If you do it in your city, as soon as you go outside you speak your language again. However, being in an English-speaking country, you will be able to practice in the afternoons what you have learned in the mornings, meet people in the classes with your same situation, and ultimately, force yourself to continue practicing the language.

Take advantage of your vacation period to study English abroad and return to your studies or work with recharged batteries and with a better level of languages.

It is undoubtedly the most direct way to assimilate knowledge and move faster!

Discover the world of volunteering

Are you a restless, curious person who likes to travel and meet other people? Well, we offer you a way to learn languages ​​while traveling that will leave your mark forever.

We refer to doing some type of work, benefit or collaboration in exchange for something that benefits you on your trip. Who says in exchange for accommodation or food, also says in exchange for some free English classes ?

I mean, get a win to win mutually.

There are platforms and communities where you can get information about volunteering in each country, so if you are interested in this option, inquire about it and dare!

Surely you have good skills to offer your cooking, photography, writing, crafts, teaching, carpentry, gardening, accompaniment and care services …

Some of the beneficial reasons to volunteer in an English-speaking country and learn cheap english while traveling are; help you get out of your comfort zone, the opportunity to take long trips, be able to develop new skills. As well as enhancing your values ​​of solidarity, generosity, empathy, equality or respect towards the environment or towards other cultures. You also improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Find a job that allows you to improve your level of English

Another way to travel to learn English is to get a job that allows you to combine it.

If you plan to travel for a long period of time, you may be able to afford the cost of the trip with some savings or even take a leave of absence from work or enjoy a gap year.

Otherwise, you probably need a way of income to pay for the entire stay. In that case you will think that if you work, you will not have time to learn English …

But in that case, you can always look for alternatives to learn english abroad working, such as part-time jobs, working as an au pair, teaching Spanish classes to residents, working in hostels, hostels, tourist places or public works where you need to speak English daily …

In that case, it is not your mission to return to your country with good savings, but it will help you to pay for the trip and give a good boost to English.

Join activities and meet people

Finally, one of the best ways to learn english abroad for free and in a fun way, it’s socializing ?

That is, sign up for any activity that interests you in the place, such as sports activities, tourist routes in English, hiking routes with local people, gastronomic routes, dance classes in English, cooking classes in English, go to the cinema with a group of people, or any other leisure activity.

Surely there are numerous websites or apps in each destination where you can organize or sign up for meetups and meet local people. But watch out! don’t fall into the mistake of joining groups of people who speak your same language, make yourself related to people who only speak English.

If you have a very low level of English, you can prepare a small document with short, popular and useful phrases to start and follow conversations.

how to learn english abroad

So choose how to learn english traveling, open your mind and prepare your travel suitcase!

There are hundreds of offers and options to learn how to practice the most demanded language, English.

What do you think of these ideas? Would you add any more? Do not hesitate to write us in the comments and share your doubts or suggestions with other travelers.