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Hotels, holiday apartments, restaurant visits: The holiday regulations of all 16 German federal states at a glance

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Whitsun anyway, but also the summer holidays are just around the corner in some federal states – and with it the anticipation of holidays. But whether travel outside of Germany will still be possible this summer is still a matter of concern because of the corona pandemic.

But don’t despair: travel within Germany will soon be allowed again. However, each federal state has different regulations. Where you can go and when: TRAVELBOOK has a great overview!

Basically applies to travel within Germany according to the Federal government: “The rules of the Federal states. If you want to travel, you have to inform yourself about it. For all possible trips, however, the contact restrictions and distance rules must be observed. ”

The provisions in:

Baden-WuerttembergBavariaBerlin BrandenburgBremenHamburgHesse Mecklenburg-West PomeraniaLower SaxonyNorth Rhine-WestphaliaRhineland-PalatinateSaarlandSaxonySaxony-AnhaltSchleswig-HolsteinThuringia


Already since May 18, may be loud Gradual plan of the state government Apartments, campsites for caravans and parking spaces for long-term campers can be used again. The reason: vacationers can and should take care of themselves in these places. Dining rooms have also been allowed to open again since Monday (May 18).

From May 29th, hotels, guesthouses, visitor centers and amusement parks will be allowed to reopen. Museums are also allowed to reopen, cinemas remain closed.


From May 30th, hotels, holiday apartments and campsites in Bavaria will again be allowed to receive guests, announced the Free State. There will be strict requirements for opening hotels, e.g. there should not be any “offers for shared use, especially wellness”.

Other tourist offers, such as castles or sea shipping, are also expected to open from the Pentecost weekend, but only under certain conditions and with limited admission. Further steps are currently being worked out by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Health.

Beer gardens and outdoor areas have been allowed to reopen since May 18, indoor areas from May 25. Museums are open, cinemas are closed for now.


Again Berlin Senate announces, hotels and other accommodation providers as well as operators of holiday apartments may offer tourist accommodation from May 25, 2020 in compliance with the hygiene rules. However, spa and wellness areas remain closed here as well.

From May 25, commercial excursions and city tours and tours and tours in the open may also be offered – as long as the minimum distance of 1.5 meters and the hygiene requirements are observed. Restaurants can open.


Are in Brandenburg according to the state government Since May 15th permanent camping, camping in mobile homes and caravans and overnight stays in holiday apartments and houses are possible again. Restaurants can open.

From May 25th, “all tourist rentals will again be possible without restrictions, observing the hygiene and clearance rules”. These include hotels, campsites with sanitary facilities, coach tours, city tours, boat trips and youth leisure facilities (youth training centers, youth hostels and children’s and youth recreation facilities).

Museums can open again, there are no opening dates for cinemas yet.


Hotels and apartments have been open since May 18. Restaurant visits have also been possible since May 18. Guest lists with names and contact details are required. Museums can open again. Cinemas remain closed.


Hotels and apartments are allowed to receive guests. Restaurants are open. Museums can also open again, cinemas remain closed for now.


Hotels and apartments can accommodate tourists. Restaurants are open, among other things, the waitress must wear a face mask, guests are recorded with contact details. Museums can open again, in principle cinemas too, if they can guarantee hygiene and distance rules.

Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

In the particularly touristic country of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania a five-step plan Developed. According to him, hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels, campsites and holiday homes with a elaborated protection and hygiene concept should reopen from May 18, but initially only for vacationers from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Holidaymakers from other federal states are only allowed to re-enter and stay overnight from May 25th – and should adhere to this deadline.

Restaurants are open. One guest per table must leave their details. Museums can open again, May 25 is under discussion for cinemas.

Lower Saxony

In Lower Saxony, too, tourism is gradually ramping up again. According to the state’s plan, holiday apartments, holiday homes, campsites, mobile home parking spaces and boat moorings can be rented to guests again from May 11th – however, holiday apartments and holiday homes are subject to a “re-occupancy period of seven days”. This means that landlords are only allowed to re-rent after seven days. Camping sites, motorhome parking spaces and boat berths may only be occupied by 50 percent according to the ordinance.

From May 25th, hotels, guesthouses and youth hostels should also be allowed to open, provided that they adhere to the prescribed safety and hygiene measures. Restaurants are open, but may not allocate more than half of their seats. Museums can open again, cinemas are closed.

Caution: Individual regions, such as the Lower Saxony Islands, are allowed to impose their own, stricter rules. It is best to find out directly at your travel destination before you set off!

North Rhine-Westphalia

The State government concept von Nordrhein-Westfalen provides that since May 11th vacation homes, holiday homes and campsites can be used again “while respecting the contact restrictions”. Restaurants, amusement parks, excursion boats, tourist information, bike and boat rentals can then open again. Since May 18, hotels have also been able to reopen to holidaymakers as long as they comply with the requirements, which include a mandatory hygiene protection concept and the guarantee of distance regulations and contact restrictions.

Even thermal baths and swimming pools, fun pools and wellness facilities are to open again from Pentecost (May 30th) with coordinated infection protection concepts. Restaurants are already open. Among other things, the contact details of each visitor must be registered. Museums are open. Cinemas may reopen from May 30 with significantly reduced visitor numbers.


Hotels have been allowed to reopen to tourists since Monday, vacation rentals can be rented out again. Restaurants are allowed to open under certain conditions, including limited opening hours and taboo seating for guests. Guests are recorded with contact details. Museums can open again, for cinemas this is planned from May 27th.


Has in Saarland the state government hasthat the tourist operations will gradually start up again on May 18. However, the maximum occupancy is staggered here. Since May 18, a maximum of 50 percent of the units can be occupied, from May 25, a maximum of 75 percent and only from June 2, depending on the number of infections, full capacity should be possible. So you want to further minimize the risk of infection.

The rules apply to hotels, guest houses, inns, campsites, youth hostels and holiday apartments. Swimming and fitness areas still have to remain closed. Visiting restaurants has been possible since Monday. Among other things, guests reserve in advance and leave your contact details. Museums can open again, for cinemas this has been possible since May 18.


Hotels and apartments can open. Restaurants are allowed to open again. Menus must be wipeable. Museums are open again, cinemas are still closed.


Vacation homes can open, hotels are to follow on May 22, initially for guests from their own country. Shortly thereafter, visits from other regions should also be possible. There is not yet an appointment for the third stage, a complete opening of all tourist businesses and offers without restrictions, and the approval of tourism for foreign guests.

The restaurants may open again on May 22nd – since Monday (May 18th) with a special permit from the district. Museums are allowed to open. Cinemas are still closed.


Since May 18, gastronomy and tourism facilities have been allowed to open again as long as there is a hygiene concept that ensures that customers or visitors can keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters at all times. In addition, the entry ban for tourists and the entry ban for islands and Halligen is lifted.

One is aware that the topic “daytime tourism” in particular is very sensitive, said Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther. For this reason, a concept would have to be created for the resorts on the North and Baltic Seas to ensure that the capacities were not exceeded.

Restaurants have been open since Monday. Museums are open, cinemas have been allowed to reopen since Monday with significantly reduced visitor numbers.


Hotels and apartments can open. Restaurants can also open. The prerequisite for the opening is compliance with the strict hygiene regulations. Museums are allowed to open, there is still no opening date for cinemas.