Hong Kong: the airline USES will leave to fly for a test Covid

Hong Kong: the airline USES will leave to fly for a test Covid

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All american airlines decided Thursday to leave to fly to Hong Kong, once entered into force a new standard of control of the crew of the commercial aircraft to the opposition.

The new provisions in chinese, which apply in the territory of Hong Kong, are quite problematic. The Center for the Protection of the Health of the former british territory, reported that all the crews of the aircraft are now required to be subjected to a test of saliva from your throat. More problematic are the penalties for those who refuse: fines or, ultimately, imprisonment.

If a member of the crew of an aircraft is positive, you should immediately be admitted to a local hospital, reports the local authority.

As an immediate response, the United the first suspended flights to the west, is back from this Friday. The returns have a few more hours for your cancellation. United, in a press release, said that it is studying the situation to decide what you will do in the future.

Shortly before the entry into force of the new measures, United had announced the imminent re-introduction of flights between Chicago and Hong Kong.

American Airlines, for its part, has taken the same decision, but from the 5 of August. The company has attributed the extent the new provisions.

The Allied Pilots Association, pilots association, has ruled in favor of airlines and against china’s decision.