Holiday : a site to know in which countries one can go to

Holiday : a site to know in which countries one can go to

International tourism

The promise of a re-opening of the borders to be able to travel in the european Union were to become a reality on Monday 15 June. The D-day came, it turns out that one can travel almost anywhere. In countries such as Germany, Italy or Belgium, the borders are reopened. One can circulate without a valid reason, no need to be cross-border worker or have a certificate.

Travellers from the european Union or the Schengen area, too, may enter on the French territory, freely. It is necessary wait until Sunday, June 21 to move freely between France and Spain. In the meantime there was an invitation to the quatorzaine for air travelers. But no coercive measures in place. The situation is similar to that of the Great Britain and Malta.

There is an exception, a country that has a policy of unique, it is the Greece. Little affected by the virus, the Greeks have opened their borders to some thirty countries, including outside the european Union. The travellers will undergo a test on their arrivaland only the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki are open to scheduled flights. For the islands, it will have to wait for the 1st of July.

A site of the EU to know where to go

To compile all of this information, a website will be set up by the european Union as of this Monday mid-day. Travelers will be able to click on the country of interest to find out if they can go. It is

For travel outside the european Union, this will be a step-by-step starting from the 1st of July, with the possibility of going back according to the evolution of the situation. We will begin with the Balkans (Croatia, Serbia…), and then the countries that have a health status equivalent to that of France or better, and on condition that the Europeans can go home.

Europe seems to be coordinate for this new step. And it is better because you could re-import of new cases.