Health safety, the main priority for Vueling


In this way, the safety procedures established by Vueling allow you to fly safely in these times of pandemic. The airline has implemented the five keys to protect aircraft, developed by scientists from the T.H. Chan from Harvard University: the ventilation system, the use of masks, the disinfection of the airplanes, the monitoring of the passengers and the education and awareness.

Ventilation system

The Vueling aircraft cabins are designed to keep the air always clean. How does the air circulate in the cabin? In the first place, the air that comes from outside enters through the engines and after regulating its temperature and pressure it is distributed throughout the cabin generating vertical sheets in each row. When it falls to the ground, all the airflow is collected, and of this, a part recirculates and goes to the HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) and another goes to the outside.

HEPA filters are similar to those used in critical areas of hospitals. They remove 99.9% of the particles. On the other hand, the air in the cabin is renewed 20 times per hour in the aircraft cabin and five times in the operating room

Use of masks

Masks they significantly reduce the risks of COVID-19 transmission and strict policies have been established to regulate their use. Likewise, the combination of the characteristics of the cabin, the air circulation flows and the continuous injection of fresh air together with the use of masks are determining factors to achieve a high level of protection.

Precisely, a study carried out by Airbus maintains that the physical distance necessary to maintain protection is achieved even with all the seats in an airplane occupied

Equally, seating arrangements are also a barrier against the virus. Their backrests act as additional barriers, in addition to the fact that seats and passengers are arranged in the same direction, towards the front of the plane, limiting face-to-face interactions.

In this way, the cab layout and vertical airflow achieve maximum isolation between rows.

Cleaning and disinfection of aircraft

Faced with this new health situation, cleaning of the interior of Vueling aircraft has been reinforced, both in terms of frequency and use of products specified by the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Airplanes are thoroughly cleaned every day, with a special treatment on surfaces such as armrests, folding tables, luggage racks and toilets. In addition, the booths are sprayed with a viricidal disinfectant approved by the AESA

Passenger monitoring

The airline adapts its routes, frequencies and procedures to the requirements that the authorities of each destination promote based on the prevention measures that they adopt periodically to minimize the incidence of the pandemic.

Training and awareness

Vueling crews have been duly trained in the new hygiene protocols recommended by EASA and by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In addition, pilots and cabin crew use approved protective masks and disposable gloves throughout the flight, in addition to having hydroalcoholic gel for their personal use.

In this sense, the company recalls that according to data from January to July from IATA, in 2020 there were 44 cases associated with transmission in airplanes, which represents one case for every 27,300,000 passengers.


On the other hand, the changes that have taken place as a result of the pandemic have transformed mobility, which is why Vueling now offers more flexibility in its services.

Date changes

In this way, the FlexFly service allows a free flight change with each reservation. Only if there is one, the fare difference must be paid.

However, with the TimeFlex rate, the customer can change flights as many times as needed

Flight cancellation

On the other hand, If the traveler has a flight and chooses not to travel, they can cancel it free of charge, up to 48 hours before. In exchange, you will receive a flight credit that you can use later, for any destination and any passenger.

Likewise, Vueling has a Travel Cancellation Insurance, which allows the customer to request a refund for the entire reservation if one of the passengers becomes ill, even due to coronavirus.

Time change

The company also offers the possibility of changing the flight time for another that leaves earlier, on the same day, through its app or at airports that have Vueling sales offices. Only the fare difference should be paid, if any.

If the customer has opted for the TimeFlex rate, they can also advance or delay their flight the same day free of charge, both through the app and at airports with a Vueling sales office.

Let someone else fly in your place

The customer has 24 hours from purchase to make a name change for free. You will only have to pay the fare difference, if there is one.

Another option to change the passenger is to cancel the flight – up to 48 hours before departure – and receive a flight credit, which can be used later with any other passenger.

PCR for travel

On the other hand, Vueling makes it easy for those customers who have booked a trip and need to be tested for COVID-19: airline passengers can take the test in 24-48 hours, with a special discount, in any of Quirónprevention centers in Spanish territory.