Les motifs impérieux sont maintenus pour tous les voyageurs à destination de la Guyane - CTG Laurent Asselin

Guyana: what are the conditions for traveling from the mainland?


Last week the President of the Republic did say that “holidays are in France and it’s even better!”, But he did not specify that it would be exclusively in Metropolitan France.
Indeed, this Wednesday, June 9, 2021, overseas were imposed a septaine on return to mainland France for unvaccinated travelers. A measure that still increases health measures to protect the West Indies.
And unfortunately, on the Guyana side the conditions have not changed, but remain very difficult.
Even though the epidemiological situation is gradually improving, “it remains at a worrying level,“according to the French overseas ministry.
“The hospitals in the territory are under pressure, since Monday 9 deaths have been recorded, the figures remain high (17.2% positivity rate on more than 1,155 tests carried out),” report our colleagues from the 1st.
Thus, compelling reasons are always required for metropolitan residents wishing to go to Guyana, regardless of the person’s vaccination status.

A very measured deconfinement in Guyana

The valid reasons are: an overriding personal or family reason, an emergency health reason or a professional reason that cannot be postponed.
That’s not all, because due to the active circulation of the Brazilian variant, passengers will be subject to a 7-day self-isolation obligation, after which they will have to test negative.
This measure will apply as well to the outward journey as to the return!

The same regime applies for people from a green and orange foreign country. For passengers coming from a foreign red country, the strict and controlled quarantine applies to unvaccinated people.
Despite everything, while the epidemiological pressure is slowly improving, the Interministerial Crisis Unit (CIC) has just announced the reopening of middle and high schools, but also the lifting of confinement for election Sundays only (June 20 and 27, 2021). ).