Le gouvernement a levé les motifs impérieux pour les déplacements de et vers les pays rouges pour les personnes vaccinées. Désormais pays verts, orange ou rouges : on peut voyager partout si on est vacciné décrypte Jean-Pierre Mas -Depositphotos.com EdZbarzhyvetsky

Green, orange, red countries: “We can now travel everywhere when we are vaccinated”, Jean-Pierre Mas (EDV)


The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) has updated its travel advice following the publication of the decree n ° 2021-949 of July 16, 2021 modifying that of June 1 prescribing the general measures necessary for the management of the exit from the health crisis.
In fact, new measures concerning international travel have been taken. Among them in particular, the ability for vaccinated travelers to travel anywhere in the world, regardless of whether countries are classified green, orange or red.
Indeed now the compelling reasons for vaccinated travelers are also lifted for the red countries. This was already the case for the orange countries. Be careful, however, travelers remain subject to the constraints imposed by the countries themselves. It is advisable to consult the section MEAE travel advice.

A press release from the MEAE states: “travelers must produce a compelling reason to go to a country / territory in the orange zone and the red zone unless they can justify a complete vaccination course with a vaccine recognized by the European Medicines Agency. “

“The first reading of this text is very clear: you can travel anywhere when you are vaccinated”

Contacted by us Jean-Pierre Mas, President of Travel Companies (EDV) specifies: The first reading of this text is very clear: you can travel anywhere when you are vaccinated. This being the case, we take into account the recommendations of the Quai d’Orsay “

Indeed, the MEAE specifies that it “is strongly recommended not to travel to countries / territories classified” red “for health reasons”. Advice also relayed by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State in charge of tourism on twitter.
However“adds Jean-Pierre Mas: “A person who has to travel for business or without a compelling reason can go there. This is new and I find these new measures to be rather positive. We move around freely when we are vaccinated. This is a very good sign.
The President of the EDV also specifies in line with the SETO that “customers who have booked a trip to the red countries and who do not wish to leave will be fully reimbursed”.
Another government announcement, an antigen test or PCR of less than 24 hours is required initially for unvaccinated people from Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal and United Kingdom.
Here too for Jean-Pierre Mas it is a measure which shows that “We will quickly come to the need for the vaccine to travel with this tightening even on green countries.

We are lifting the constraints on travelers benefiting from a complete vaccination schedule with a vaccine recognized by the European Medicines Agency, regardless of the country of origin. It is strongly recommended not to travel to a red country.

– Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne (@JBLemoyne) July 17, 2021